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Membership Application to The International Society of Friends of Aetherometry (ISFA)


The core objectives of ISFA are (1) the exploration, elucidation, open discussion and dissemination of aetherometric knowledge and novel scientific research findings, (2) the formation of scientists, thinkers and artists in aetherometric thought and its methodologies, and (3) the organization of activities in support of the Aurora BioPhysics Research Institute (ABRI). The nature and implications of this novel knowledge demands responsible release of information and assemblage of an adequate educational infrastructure. ISFA will attempt to satisfy these two requirements through its internal structure and properly developed initiatives that, we hope, will eventually lead to the establishment of a periodic electronic journal and to annual society meetings.

For more detail about the goals of ISFA and the conditions and privileges of its membership, please read the ISFA Overview.

ISFA is intended to be a small community of members sharing a common friendship towards knowledge and aetherometric science, and a desire to use this knowledge and science for benign purposes. Its openness towards making new friends and accepting new members must therefore be balanced by a selection process such as the screening of applications. ISFA is not a public institution, nor is it open to individuals or groups bent on prying information for whatever hidden agenda. Aside from well demarcated items that ISFA might place in the public domain, the activities of ISFA and all its information are agreed to be confidential and for members only.

To help ISFA determine whether you qualify as a member, please provide us with the information specified below. After you have filled out the form, press the SUBMIT button. Please allow us 15 days for processing your application. We will notify you by email when your application has been accepted, and will at that time provide you with instructions for completing the process.

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Please tell us, in your own terms, about your acquaintance with aetherometric thought, your general understanding of it, and the nature of your interest and aspirations in joining ISFA:

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