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Around-the-clock free power from improved HYBORACs
driving low delta-T gamma Stirling engines

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in November 2003.     47 pages.

Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 4

Monograph AS2-32

Price:   US $36   ($28 ISFA)

See also the two companion reports: AS2-25 and AS2-26.


In this fourth report on the HYBORAC/Stirling technology, the Correas present their power dynamometer calibration and power performance (input and output) studies for the HYBORAC capture (>173kJ per day) of solar radiation and its transformation into sensible heat and thermomechanical work, by a coupling to a low delta-T, gamma-type Stirling engine. They report on an improved HYBORAC design that permits uninterrupted 48h motor action - at comparable daytime and nighttime speeds - with To-T values that reach 30°C and 48h mean values of nearly 19°C, and demonstrate how this technology is >1.5x more efficient at capturing solar radiation than passive solar collector standards, and nearly 3x more efficient at outputting work-equivalent energy than photovoltaics.

The evidence for the existence of a viable grid-independent new energy technology, silent and without pollutants, driven from solar-derived ambient massfree energy, and which has already substantially outperformed current solar technologies (not to mention expensive and dangerous so-called LENR/CANR cells!) is now irrefutable.