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Transiently induced hyperthermia
in humans exposed to a controlled ORAC environment

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in May 2007.     28 pages.

Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 4

Monograph AS2-33



Experimental proof is presented for the immediate physiological effect of human exposure to a "medical ORAC" on body temperature taken orally. The effect is objective, reproducible and weather dependent; it is always positive on anticyclonic days, plateaus at 15 to 30 min of exposure, is independent of time of day and tested subject. Time course studies indicate that the temperature elevation increases with time of exposure, up to 45 min, with significant elevations occurring as early as 5 min of exposure. The coefficient of temperature rise is steeper for start temperatures closer to the normal temperature floor (35.7-35.9°C) than to the normal temperature ceiling (37.1°C). At the 35.7°C starting level and at 15 min, the coefficient is 0.04°C/min, whereas starting 1.1°C higher, at 36.8°C and at 15 min, the coefficient is lower - at 0.02°C/min. A typical mean ΔT value for the observed induced functional hyperthermia at 15-30 min is 0.6°C, with typical errors (SEM) of 0.06 to 0.13°C, irrespective of time of day on anticyclonic days.