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50 years after the death of Wilhelm Reich

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.
Aurora Biophysics Research Institute

J Aetherom Res, Volume 1, Issue 7 (July 2006),  pp. 1-11

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This article is a reprint of the Introduction to the book The (Re-)Discovery of the Orgone Motor.

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'Hiding in plain view' as the best way to hide a secret. That is where the secrets of Aetherometry as theory of the massfree Aether have been hiding now for some 5 years, and where Reich himself placed the secrets of a massfree energy technology - which have now been hidden for nearly 50 years. Soon a century will have passed since Tesla began his quest for the Aether Motor. By themselves, these simple facts are sufficient proof of the blindness generated by the characterological armor of emotions and desires, and the historical and cultural powers of social and libidinal repressions - even and above all as this narrowness affects science and the very process of scientific discovery. Just as the science of the massfree Aether exists and has existed outside of class-society in all its forms, classical and modern, so does the technology engendered by this science exist seemingly outside historical time, outside the power constraints of the human collectivities or the benefits it could confer them. It may well be that the writing of a pioneering science is never made for the masses - even if the stated intention of its benefits is otherwise - but is rather written for other pioneers to come, across Time and Space, from time to time and afar. But now that massfree energy technologies are here, the science of the massfree Aether and its technology have become political problems - problems that put into question our human 'way of life', its logic of Survival and the global system of Power.