Experimental Aetherometry, Volume 1
Table of Contents




      The basic problems in Reich's theory of
    the ORAC anomalies and the trajectory of the
    aetherometric solutions
      Overview of Volume 1 xv
1 Non-equivalence Between Work Performed by Charge Against Gravity and the Electric Energy of the Same 'Charge Gas' Quantum (The (anti)gravitokinetoregenerative phenomenon) 1
  Addendum to Chapter 1 23
2 Variation of the Spontaneous Discharge Rate of Atmospheric Electroscopes Induced by Electric and Nonelectric, Local and Nonlocal, Hidden Variables 29
3 A Note on Reich's Concept of an Electroscopic OP and the Concept of a Nonelectric Kinetoregenerative Power of the Local Atmospheric Medium 121
4 Electroscopic Demonstration of Reverse Potentials of Energy Flow Able to Draw Kinetic and Electric Energies 137
5 The Thermal Anomaly in ORACs and the Reich-Einstein Experiment: Implications for Blackbody Theory 169
6 Comparative Study of the Variation in the Spontaneous Discharge Rate of Atmospheric Electroscopes and Electroscopes Placed Within 'Orgone Accumulators' 265
7 Decoding the Thermal and Nonthermal Equivalents of the ORG as a Unit of Aether Energy 349