Experimental Aetherometry, Volume 2A
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      Is orgone the same as latent heat? viii
      What is the physical sense of the OR/DOR disjunction? x
      Exploring the relation between ambipolar radiation
    and blackbody photon production
      Our answer to the two previous questions xiv
1 PhotoInduced Arrest of the Spontaneous Electroscopic Discharge and the Hallwacks Experiment Revisited 1
2 The Allotropic Cycle of Oxygen, Ozone and Water: Foundations of Photo- and Aetherochemistry 47
3 The Kinetoregenerative Phenomenon and AToS Model of a Fundamental Aether Energy Element Capable of Counteracting Gravitons 79
4 A Light-Irreducible Split Aether Continuum Encompassing Production of Black and Thermal Photons 105
5 The Volt and the Electron-Volt: An Aetherometric Perspective on Longitudinal Electric Massfree Waves 145
6 (Re-)Examination of the Energy Radiation
Output by Tesla Coils:
(1) Experimental Determination of its Dual Nature
7 Aetherometric Treatment of the Energy Radiation
Output by Tesla Coils:
(2) Massfree and Massbound Nonelectromagnetic Frequency Functions and Resultant Characteristic Electromagnetic Frequency of the Coil
  Publications by Paulo and Alexandra Correa 259