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Experimental Aetherometry, Vol 1   $99.95 $20 / $15  
Experimental Aetherometry, Vol 2A   $99.95 $20 / $15  
Experimental Aetherometry, Vol 2B   $119.95 $20 / $15  
The Discovery of the Aether Motor (1):
The (Re-)Discovery of the Orgone Motor
  $150.00 $20 / $20  
Foundations of Aetherometric Biophysics,Vol 1:
Nanometric Functions of Bioenergy
  $115.00 $15 / $15  
DVD "From Pulsed Plasma Power to the Aether Motor"   $74.95 $15 / $15  
DVD "Free Power Around-the Clock", video only   $39.95 $15 / $15  
DVD "Free Power Around-the Clock", video + PDFs   $75.95 $15 / $15  

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