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The Silvertooth experiment as a confirmation of the aetherometric galactic compression flux

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in February 2009.     26 pages.

Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity, Vol. 1

Monograph AS3-I.6

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With the employment of specifically aetherometric tools, we demonstrate that the Silvertooth experiment yields a result that (1) matches the aetherometric model of an inward-leading galactic compression wave that is driven by a consistent ambipolar radiation flux emitted from the local Aether lattice, and (2) detects the orientation-dependent local acceleration of a one-way electron laser beam caused by that ambipolar flux. With Wvo as the Silvertooth lasing potential, the field speed and potential, and associated linear velocity of the lasing electrons accelerated by the impinging flux at the position of the solar system, as predicted by Aetherometry, are -

veRes = [(Wvo ± Wεcomp) Wk]0.5

Wεcomp = [(vScH2+ cos (2√2ø)]2/WmagH2+ = 1.9199*108m/s =∫= 2,779.9 V

Thus, they are found to match the results of the analysis of the Silvertooth experiment, such that the Silvertooth quantity Δv is shown to be a function of Wεcomp and, therefore, veRes, as per:
Δv = {vo[1+(ΔveRes2/c)]0.5} - vo = (v2 - vo) -Δv = {vo[1-(ΔveRes1/c)]0.5} - vo = (v1- vo)
ΔveRes = [(veRes2 - vo) + (vo - veRes1)]/2 ≈ (veRes2 - vo) ≈ (vo - veRes1)
It is apparent that the Silvertooth quantity Δv is a function of the velocity difference ΔveRes acquired by lasing electrons that are accelerated by the impinging ambipolar flux, and this is confirmed by the correct and uniquely aetherometric functions for the shifted wavelengths that provide the equivalence for first and second order effects:
λ1 = λo (vo/v1)2= λo [vo2/(vo - Δv)2] = c/(WkWv1/e) = λo /[1-(ΔveRes1/c)]

λ2 = λo (vo/v2)2= λo [vo2/(vo + Δv)2] = c/(WkWv2/e) = λo /[1+(ΔveRes2/c)]

Far from proving the existence of an absolute frame of reference for all motion, and far from proving the existence of a stationary Aether, the Silvertooth experiment appears to constitute evidence for the existence of a dynamic Aether, specifically, the existence of a flux of massfree ambipolar electricity that is released from the local Aether lattice and drives the spiral pattern of the galaxy.