1.  What's in a word like 'fascism'?

2.  The fasces as metaphor of society and the 'problem of war'

3.  Fascism and the rise of populist Imperators

4.  Fascism as utopia secreted by the Left: civil strife, popular revolutions and the party-police apparatus

5.  The fascist need for a mythical saviour

6.  The corporativist veneer of fascism

7.  The suicidary and genocidal sociopathic nature of fascism

8.  Is the Left also fascist?

9.  The final decomposition of the Left: from two to many

10. The controversy surrounding islamic fascism

11. The new European consent to islamic fascism

12. The victory of fascism: its molecularizing and its unconscious basis

13. Are there no more fascists left, or has everyone turned fascist?