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New York Times, March 18, 1950


Einstein's Ex-Associate Seeks to Teach Again in Poland
Special to The New York Times

OTTAWA , March 18 - Opposition leader George Drew in the House of Commons this afternoon released the question of the propriety of permitting Dr. Leopold Infeld, a former associate of Albert Einstein and at present a teacher of mathematics at the University of Toronto, to return to Warsaw to organize certain educational programs in cooperation with the Communist Government of Poland.

Mr. Drew said that Mr. Infeld, who had been given hospitality as a refugee in Canada and the United States, had gained considerable knowledge of the latest discoveries in the atomic field.

He had several times stated that he would return to Europe if and when a "progressive government was established in Poland", and he returned there last summer and taught in the Universities of Warsaw and Cracow, Mr. Drew said. Mr. Drew added, he [Infeld] had applied for a sabbatical year during which he would receive half pay from [the] Toronto University in order to permit him to work at educational organization[s] under the Polish Government.

Editor's Note - In connection with this news item, see also the Commentary on the NYT new items of January 1950.