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Time, January 26, 1968


Died.  Leopold Infeld, 69, Polish theoretical physicist; of a heart ailment; in Warsaw. At Princeton, during the 1930s, Infeld helped his friend Albert Einstein develop the general theory of relativity; with Einstein he also shared the work of writing The Evolution of Physics, a 1938 text so fascinating to laymen that it hit the bestseller lists. At the University of Toronto, Infeld did pioneer work on the unified-field theory of magnetism and gravitation; then, in 1950, he suddenly returned home to teach - and proved something of a problem to the the Communists, after criticizing Warsaw's scientific censorship.

American Institute of Physics


Biography/History:  Physicist (theoretical physics; general theory of relativity; quantum mechanics; studies in Cracow (W. Natanson) and Berlin (M. von Laue); professor in Lwow; Institute for Advanced Studies (Princeton, N. J. USA), 1936-1950; Toronto University, 1938-1940; Warsaw University, 1950-1968. Publications: Foundations of the New Field Theory (Born, Infeld), 1934; The Gravitational Equations and the Problem of Motion (with A. Einstein and B. Hoffmann), 1938-1940; On the Motion of Bodies in General Relativity Theory, 1954.