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Smyth's introductory letter

"January 25, 2005

To Akronos Publishing -

Dear Doctors

I took the liberty of sending you two chapters from my book, Gone Dark, because I felt that I could choose no better forum to tell about my meetings with often very weird characters in my field of investigation, or about my lifelong effort to grasp what I have been doing here all these years, on this Earth. I do not expect to hang around for much longer, but I hope I will make it long enough to eventually see this book published.

The two chapters are interviews with a prominant [sic] man who was once a very active scientist, Dr. W. Please, do not bother to attempt to find out who he is - just look at the facts he presents and decide for yourselves whether what he says is deserving of merit.

The Correas have put Reich back on his feet, so to speak, and I'd like to give a little push for that to continue to happen. I am not a student of Aetherometry, and I'm afraid that it's just too late for me to learn new physics. But all of you have my express support.

I would be pleased if your publishing house would find it appropriate to distribute these texts for me, for free. I waver all my copyrights, and would only ask you to print a similar waver if you choose to publish this material, in whatever form. I took the liberty of suggesting its wording below. You may excerpt the material, but I do request that you do not otherwise change the text.

Might you be interested in publishing the entire book? Let me know if you are, and I will consider it.


W.B. Smyth"


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