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You have arrived AT THE EDGE OF SPACE, at the boundaries of XXIst Century Physics research into electrodynamic anomalies. So long kept at bay by institutional thought which has precluded even the formation of the very questions which could break the stranglehold of accepted convention, these anomalies now come to challenge the very foundations of the achieved edifice of XXth century Physics. The New Physics emerging is not institutional , nor in dissension or in opposition. It is a Physics of the Difference that searches for a dynamic unity, not totalizing, overcoding unities. It is not a Theory of Everything which explains nothing, but is instead an experimental process searching for its simultaneous unitarian expressions of applied and theoretical Physics.


AT THE EDGE OF SPACE was conceived to respond to a flood of inquiries regarding the autogenous PAGD/IVAD technology that has been invented and patented by the Correas and developed at Labofex, Experimental and Applied Plasma Physics, and as well, to publicize other investigations that are pertinent to the New Physics and to its Double, a Philosophy of the Difference.




© 1996 CORREA&CORREA . All Rights Reserved