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"There is nothing hidden anywhere, it's all there to be sought"

G. Brooker


Where does the Difference pass? Everywhere. It is the dividing line, the border, the shifting river bed. It passes between mechanists that reduce energy syntheses to the randomistic reactions of mass, and the machinists that seek to grasp energy syntheses as singular acts of creation that escape the molar rules of mass. It passes equally between the refuge mechanists resort to in abstruse mysticism of Nature, and the two regimes of repetition which machinists have exposed to relate the macro and microcosmos. And it passes everywhere where a scientific dogma is questioned relentlessly. The New Physics will not to want to believe, so that it may rather will the difference and seize Nature's roots for what they are: the very roots of Becoming. Its battle cry will not be a hollow belief in the Aether, anymore than it could be a belief in empty Space and the (un)reality of Nothingness. The New Physics will be the Physics of Time. Time alone is the source of all inescapable order and disorder, and Duration, no matter how multiple, partakes of a single and absolute Time to the very extent that the cosmic clockwork is a synchronized energy machinery. The New Physics is therefore the Physics of Becoming in Time, in distinction from the existing Physics, the Physics of Being in Spatialized Time. At THE EDGE OF SPACE, before any can even dare to plunge into it, we must first deconstruct the myth of virtual Space-Time before we can find the real dynamics of the Space Plenum. Before any may find the real unitarian function that links Space and Time, we must pursue the dissociation until each reveals its actual difference. Likewise for matter and energy, inertia and motion.

The New Physics found long ago its pioneers. Spinoza, Leibniz, Nietzsche and Bergson stood for a new knowledge of the Difference and refused to reduce it as much to the dialectical concept of contradiction as to the mechanistic notion of structural identity. In repetition, Nietzsche would find the very principle linking the Same and the Different. It would take the clinical and critical démarche of Deleuze, for the XXth century to begin to realize the amplitude of Nietzsche's grasp that Repetition is solely the Being of Becoming, recurrence condemning us to repeat the Same only to the extent that we choose to enslave the present to the past. It would also take Deleuze to destigmatize Bergson's work from the animist label pinned on him by eager mechanists who misunderstood the élan vital as Entelechy, and took the movement of Life and its differentiation in Duration as either mere materialization of statistical mechanisms or a shallow spiritualization of the Universe. Mechanicism and mysticism have never parted company, because they are the public and private facets of the same unconscious make-up of Modern Man.

If there were no social and psychiatric barriers to our understanding of Nature, established accounts of physical and biological processes would have long ago lost that aura of unwarranted certainty and arrogance that is only matched by the need to everywhere "renormalize" a deficient understanding of Basic Science.

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But while most scientists have stood by, some of us have been burning the midnight oil and grappling with the darkness surrounding us, that unknown on which the book has been only too prematurely closed. For this daring, some have paid dearly, as scientists and thinkers in dissension or in sheer rupture with the status quo. Those who have eyes to see, are well aware that established scientific research is committed to specific structural dogmas, and that this is the very sine qua non of the survival of researchers in their professional endeavour. Well summed up, the existing scientific research apparatuses and their applied axioms translate into a systemic abrogation of original thought, with its consequent mediocrity of knowledge pari passu that virtual hallucinations of a too human reality are now everywhere injected to replace physical reality itself. Once it was possible in the imagination to spatialize time, one appeared to be able to move all the better in every direction of time as one's comprehension of Nature became frozen in time. Time out. For Time to have thus become dissolved in Space, it was necessary to confabulate space as being empty of energy if it were made devoid of matter. At the EDGE OF MASS-ENERGY, the XXth century Physics rolled over XIXth century Physics because the static, romantic conception of the aether was no longer tenable. But XXth century Physics, with its empty Space, its normalized quantum and subquantum pictures of nature and its mathematical fiction of duration, could not deliver human society from the nuclear quagmire, the Pandora's box it had opened, even if it had wanted to - which it didn't.

The effort to reach beyond the nuclear walls of our still primitive understanding of Nature fell back to the shoulders of researchers who saw denied them all access to the means of creation and experimentation. Isolated, often derided, with their insights and discoveries rowing against the tides of fashionable Physics, peerless pioneers found themselves drowning on the reefs of unconscious and irrational resistances that betray not a lack of knowledge as much as a desire to remain blissfully complacent and ignorant. Or, worse still, they found themselves thrown in with that sorry psychotic lot that bandies about yet more ridiculous dogmas as simple caricatures of the scientific and technological paranoia ruling over the World of Man. So it has become an ungrateful if not an impossible task to retrieve their work from the adulterations it has suffered and the parodies others make of it with their "new" cosmologies and Weltanschaaungens. Where there were experimentalists picking up arrows and throwing them for others to partake in the relay, there are now only carbonized fragments of arrows gathered by "New Agers" in their popularization of esoteric confabulations. All science having become an institutional monopoly, what is there left outside of it, has now only an entertainment value.


So it is that peerless pioneers find themselves surrounded not by their judgmental peers who have already passed their sentence before any trial took place, no matter how sordid, but by ignorant false prophets whose task it is to blur everything, to denature everything, to trivialize and equalize every other struggle intent to wrestle from Nature its secrets. This levelling task is an old procedure of Western Civilization: equalize all so that in identical misery "they" will want to be like "us"! Which native Amerindian culture does not know what we mean here? Equalization is the strongest market force there is. So pioneers not of XXth century Physics, but of the New Physics for the XXIst century, like Tesla, Bergson, Szenty-Gyorgy, Reich, Aspden, and others have had their work misread, cut-up, refashioned, regurgitated and repackaged- as good as if it were substitute coffee with substitute milk and substitute sugar.


At THE EDGE OF SPACE we can but commit to a refusal of denatured reality, whatever the "politically correct" props of its domination. Contact with Space shall only frighten us for as long as human fears will continue to reduce our lives to images of the lived. There is still hope we may reach that noonhour, when contact with Space will mark for the Earth the condition of an overhuman becoming. But just as science carries its own politics, it is not a better understanding or a revolutionary technology that will deliver humanity from its woes. Technical machines, even in Prof. Sato's chain of electronic parthenogenesis gone awry, will always depend on social machines and the everyday life decisions each one of us makes. If the Human Automaton of the XXth century will triumph in the XXIst, it will be in an apotheosis of ridiculous Conquest that we will flounder in Space and on Earth. We will have fallen over THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS, and not have moved to THE EDGE OF SPACE. No New Energy Revolution can in fact do for us what we are not willing to do for ourselves. Reactive forces will have won a trashed out, sterilized, overpopulated, desertified, miserabilized planet.


If we shall not succeed in grasping our Duration and understanding how Energy creates Space, Life will become even more impermissible than it already is. But we will have already known the end-result of the cries "Viva La Muerte!" that these days have once again found chorus. There will then be no one left to blame, but ourselves. Which is little consolation.