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A note on Reich's concept of an electroscopic OP
and the concept of a nonelectric kinetoregenerative power
of the local atmospheric medium

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in July 2001.     13 pages.

Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 1

Monograph AS2-03

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This monograph is also included in the print edition of Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 1


Does Reich's concept of an 'orgonotic potential' (OP) constitute a physical, mathematical and scientific index of electric tension, or of charge? What energy function(s) does it correspond to? The present communication attempts to answer these questions in light of the findings we have previously reported. The ambiguity of Reich's definition of the OP has, in a certain real sense, precluded like-minded experimentalists from making any headway into the phenomenon of spontaneous electroscopic arrest of leakage or seepage. Moreover, the notions of tension and charge distinctly evoked electric functions, whereas the concept that Reich really needed in order to explain that arrest should have instead referred to the nonelectric power of the local medium to regenerate the kinetic energy of charge, and thereby induce arrest of the spontaneous electroscopic discharge irrespective of electric polarity. This last is the critical nonelectric condition, given that arrest induced by electric fields or ion fluxes can only occur for either seepage or leakage, but not for both.