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The kinetoregenerative phenomenon and the AToS model
of a fundamental aether energy element capable
of counteracting gravitons

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in November 2001.     22 pages.

Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 2A

Monograph AS2-10

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This monograph is also included in the print edition of Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 2A


Proceeding from our previous demonstrations that there are two distinct - with respect to work, energy and power - components to the electroscopic interaction, one electrokinetic and the other nonelectric, which we have designated as gravitokinetic (since it involves work performed against the local gravitational field), we propose in the present communication a novel mathematical, microfunctionalist treatment of the gravitokinetic interaction, that indicates how aether energy units abstracted locally by the charges trapped in the conduction band of the electroscopic leaf are employed to counteract the gravitational attractive effect upon the same leaf of a determinate number of gravitons that are provided by the local gravitational field to act upon the atoms of that leaf. In the process, we propose that the aether energy element abstracted by the trapped charges is the same element whose secondary superimposition yields, by the AToS, both the electron mass-energy and the graviton associated with the electron (the electron-graviton).We propose that this fundamental resonant aether element has a nonelectric massfree energy given by:

with a quantum equivalence given by:

Furthermore, we propose that, by application of the AToS, we must conclude that the gold-graviton whose massfree energy has the form and magnitude:

is also a resonant state of the aether energy element fundamental to all elementary charges. Finally, we also suggest that the same aether element, being equally intrinsic to the structure of the electron mass-energy as a sub- element, interacts with blacklight photons to produce the Hallwacks photoelectric effect, whose true y coefficient we claim to have experimentally ascertained as shown in a previous communication. These findings also permit for the first time the identification of the basic graviton associated with the electron mass-energy.