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Aetherometric treatment of the energy radiation
output by Tesla coils, Part 3:
Primary massfree electric-and-magnetic waves,
secondary massbound capacito-inductive waves, and
tertiary electromagnetic waves

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in January 2002.     66 pages.

Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 2B

Monograph AS2-16

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This monograph is also included in the print edition of Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 2B


In the present communication we focus upon the theoretical and experimental demonstration that the century-old Tesla coil has all along, unbeknownst to modern science, functioned - when properly tuned and loaded - as a massfree electric energy generator that, in defiance of the corollary of the second law, outputs aether energy in electric form greatly in excess of the energy spent at the input by the 60Hz alternate current of massbound charges. This energy output has remained heretofore ignored because experimental and theoretical Physics is incapable of differentiating the electromagnetic energy associated with these coils from both types of electrical energy involved in the coil action - and incapable of differentiating further between these variants of electric energy that are affected to massfree and massbound charge. In the present communication, we propose an aetherometric method to determine the massfree ambipolar radiation of Tesla coils, as consisting of the superimposition of primary electric and magnetic massfree waves, and differentiate it from the aetherometric determination of the kinetic energy of massbound charge oscillating in the coil, as the latter deploys a secondary form of superimposition of capacito-inductive waves. The understanding of how ambipolar radiation is captured by massbound monopolar charges in the form of field-acquired electrokinetic energy is, in turn, critical to functionally comprehend, physically and mathematically, how blackbody electromagnetic spectra are indirectly produced from aether electric energy, via the shedding of the kinetic energy of massbound charge-carriers.

In parallel with the core endeavour of the present communication, we also present the new aetherometric theory of the electric permittivity and magnetic permeability of a medium, demonstrating how these functions must, under well defined conditions for both massbound and massfree charges, be treated either as constants or as variables. As constants, the aetherometric values experimentally and theoretically arrived at are - for electrical permittivity:

and for magnetic permeability:

Complete aetherometric current and power functions for the `alternating' currents of pulsed damped waves associated with either massfree or massbound charge, at or near resonant load operation of Tesla coils are also provided.