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Determination of the OR and DOR energies, frequencies and wavelengths
driving the atmospheric allotropic cycle of oxygen, ozone and water

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in April 2002.     17 pages.

Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 2B

Monograph AS2-17B

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This monograph is also included in the print edition of Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 2B


We have previously identified and reconstructed the complete allotropic cycle of atmospheric water, oxygen and ozone, balanced its step-reaction photochemical enthalpies and noted both the contributions of electrons that arise by asymmetric creation via secondary superimposition, rather than pair creation, and the distinctive involvement of HFOT and LFOT photons, respectively, in the DOR- and OR-driven portions of the energy cycle.

In the present communication we provide the final energetic understanding of the ambipolar radiation fluxes (OR and DOR) responsible for the production of HFOT and LFOT photons that is characteristic of, and even essential for, the allotropic cycle of water and oxygen-ozone.

The major virtue of the present report is how it rigorously demonstrates, at last, with hard chemical, physical and aetherometric data, that it is not photons, of either the HFOT or the LFOT type, which are responsible for the cycle of formation and dissociation of oxygen, ozone and water. These photons are specifically shown to be either cycle byproducts or intermediaries for the action of ambipolar radiation. Whether directly, as in the case of OR energy, or indirectly, via HFOT photons as in the case of DOR energy, it is ultimately and always massfree ambipolar radiation that drives the allotropic cycle of oxygen, ozone and water.

However, three other salient findings are of nearly equal importance. The present report, for the first time, identifies the exact energy magnitudes, frequencies and wavelengths of the ambipolar OR and DOR electric radiations responsible for specific photon production in the context of driving the allotropic cycle of oxygen, ozone and water. This leads us directly to propose a basic ambipolar radiation structure to the photon signatures characteristic of the basic layers of the atmosphere, and correlate these layers to critical transition processes in the allotropic cycle. Our findings indicate that the aetherochemical and physical processes underlying this cycle play the most fundamental role in structuring the layers of terrestrial atmosphere. Finally, as the most poignant example of the previous statement, we note that the blue light emanating from the last chemical step in the specific formation of water, occurs very near the ambipolar solar radiation mode we have discovered, and indicates how its dominant atmospheric role in producing a blue sky (azure) is the result of an aether electric resonance in the process of water formation.

We should note, with regard to this communication, that it took over a century to characterize the exact physical properties of the ambipolar electric radiation first discovered by Tesla, and over a half-century to identify those properties as characteristic of the OR and DOR radiations discovered by Reich. As Nietzsche felt while writing Thus Spake Zarathustra, one can only await, with baited breath, the baboons who will peddle the very caricature of what was said herein.