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The Gravitational Aether, Part II:  Gravitational Aetherometry (8) -
Antigravity Lift and Exotic Flight (III):
The Aetherometric Theory of Gravity, and the Organized Fear of Knowing

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in May 2007.     73 pages.

Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity, Vol. 2

Monograph AS3-II.10

Price:   US $20   ($15 ISFA)

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This communication presents a synopsis of the aetherometric theory of gravity and antigravity, explores the fundamental aetherometric notions of massfree energy, Aether and Matter, and systematically examines the physical functions that enter into play in the determination of a relatively universal and ubiquitous G force function that serves as attribute of the Aether lattice 'of space'. The reader is introduced to basic concepts such as - the energy structure of the Aether lattice; the aetherometric concept of inertia and the energy principle of inertial acceleration; the difference between the primary gravitational energy and the graviton energy of a lepton; the distinction between primary gravity, ordinary gravity and gravitation; and the basic aetherometric function for the release of graviton energy in pair destruction drives.