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Quantum Aether Gravity: II. Electric Antigravity: The Monopolar Lift Effect
(and a Refutation of the Biefeld-Brown Effect)

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in May 2005.     49 pages.

Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity, Vol. 2

Monograph AS3-II.7

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The so-called Biefeld-Brown (BB) effect, supposedly discovered by T. Townsend Brown, has three essential characteristics: it requires a bipolar coupling, it is polarity dependent (in general, anode-directed motion) and it is geometry dependent.

The present communication presents evidence that the BB effect does not exist as such, and that its supposed manifestations are riddled with electrodynamic, electrostatic and 'pendular' or 'swing' artifacts that have been improperly analyzed to this day, and are not polarity- or geometry-dependent, but independent of both polarity and geometry.

Yet, it is possible to experimentally demonstrate and study electro-gravitic interactions. Once artifacts due to ascertainable causes are removed, one can isolate a phenomenon that seems to lie at the antipodes of the so-called BB effect: it is monopolar, not bipolar; it is polarity-independent and appears to be charge-density dependent. These are all characteristics that only the aetherometric model of the electrodynamic control of gravity predicted.

Since analysis of the experimental results and preliminary data suggest that the monopolar lift effect is a vacuum reaction of the aether medium, they also tally with Wilstrom's and Khachatourian's 2002 discovery of an electrostatic spin which had long been predicted - in fact since 1977 - by Aspden's model of a 'vacuum (or aether) spin'.