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The physical nature of electric charge, massbound and massfree

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in January 2011.     57 pages.

Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity, Vol. 3

Monograph AS3-III.2

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The physical nature and dimensionality of charge is neither understood nor established in existing physics. In part, this is due to the opaque relationship between mass and charge, with the former being attributed to the charge-carrier and the latter often treated as a property distinct or separable from the rest energy of the carrier. We analyze the various dimensionalities that have been proposed for charge in the ESU, EMU, CGS and SI systems, and contrast this with the correct dimensionality of charge, and its expression in the meter-second system that we have proposed. Using the electron as an example, our aetherometric approach demonstrates (1) that mass is an intrinsic component of the elementary charge in every inertial particle, and (2) that electric charge in massbound particles is a special variant of linear momentum which is constitutive of their rest energy. We also identify the distinct algebraic fine-structures of massbound and massfree charge, and propose, as a consequence of our analysis, a thorough revision and novel determinations of fundamental electric quantities and constants, foremost among which the electron-volt, the volt and the value of charge in esu and coulomb. We formally identify the Duane-Hunt wavelength as a fundamental quantum-electric wavelength that entirely complies with the application of de Broglie's relation to electroinertial interactions. Finally, we demonstrate how the mass-energy of all particles of matter obeys Planck's "quantum of action" in both photoinertial and electroinertial configurations.