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Alpha - the fine structure constant and the hydrogen spectrum

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in August 2011.     88 pages.

Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity, Vol. 3

Monograph AS3-III.5

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Previous redefinition of the electron mass-energy as a closed toroidal flux now permits reexamination of the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom and the identification of its fundamental errors, strictly on the basis of an analysis of the kinetic energy of the permissible excited states of the electron. Foremost amongst these errors was the incapacity to separate the magnetic frequency of the electron and associated kinetic energy, from the quantum frequency of the maximal kinetic energy of the satellized electron in the hydrogen atom - which we find to be equivalent to the Hartree energy. We identify two basic modes of kinetic energy storage - the band-flywheel and the precessionary flywheel - and provide the solution for magnetic Larmor precession of the electron torus in kinetic states. These findings lead to a re-appraisal of Eddington's fundamental physical ratios, and to the correct and consistent re-determinations of the fine structure constant, alpha, presented in the meter-second, SI and CGS systems. Three analytical tests are constructed that compare the distinct aetherometric determinations of alpha with the conventional determination, and demonstrate how only the former can be correct and consistent. These tests also predict the correct meter-second value of electric charge and the exact hydrogen spectrum - with virtually no deviation from the observed localization of the photon emission bands.