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The Kinetic and Growth Order of the Solar System

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in November 2023.     43 pages.

Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity,Vol. 7

Monograph AS3-VII.9

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The role of π in the Space and Time manifolds of the solar system is investigated, along with the roles of the fine-structure constant and the napierian in the kinetic order of growth and differentiation of the solar system. The aetherometric expressions for the energy-dependent growth rate of a system and its half-maximal velocity are introduced. The "near-4" values relating alpha and the napierian in the context of planetarian orbitals and their lawful periodicities are determined by a series of correlated tests. A novel theory of planet formation is proposed that is consistent with the order and growth rate of the solar system. The authors revisit the energy-analysis of the barycentric and solar-apical motions of the Sun, and their constant K, as well as compute the individual and total mean velocities of the barycentric oscillation of the Sun with respect to all planets. Then they do the unthinkable - they compute the energy and power driving the Sun's rotation and the barycentric-cum-apical translation, and speculate on the power and energy driving its galactic translation. The authors also estimate the total number and power of the ambipolons emitted from all layers of the Sun, and of those that are able to exit its plasmasphere, as well as their densities at the distances of particular planets. The powers and energy driving the Earth's rotation and translation are equally computed, along with those of the terrestrial RVGE.