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Aether power from pulsed plasmas

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in June 2002.     18 pages.

Series:   Labofex Reports on Pulsed Plasmas

Monograph LS1-25

Price:   US $25   ($20 ISFA)


The Correas, for the first time, introduce the reader to their model of the electron. They proceed to an examination of the normal glow dicharge and indentify, in Paschen's law, an unsuspected contribution from the "vacuum state" which indicates a local manifestation of emissions of ambipolar massfree radiation. Lastly, they apply their approach, in summary form, to the manifestation of anomalous cathode reaction forces in autoelectronically pulsed plasma discharges.

This is a provocative, experimentally-based report, due to be followed by an explicit detailing of the physical processes involved - processes which, to this day, remain unknown to conventional plasma physics.