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Excess Energy (XS NRGTM) conversion system utilizing
autogenous Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge (aPAGD)

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in April 2005.     21 pages.

Series:   Research Papers on Plasma Physics and the aPAGD Regime

Monograph ISNE3


Originally published in Proc. 3rd Int Symp on New Energy, Denver, Colorado, 1996


By producing sustainable pulsations in a cold-cathode vacuum tube, the (XS NRGTM) energy conversion system operates to generate electrical energy output well in excess of power input. After capture, the energy from the plasma reactor passes through the rectification circuit of the XS NRGTM System as DC output. An overall performance efficiency of 483% is reported in the data to be presented. The pulsations occur at a controlled frequency without the need for an external pulse forming circuit. The observed spontaneous auto-electronic emission occurs under conditions not anticipated by the Fowler-Nordheim paradigm, and appears to involve an anomalous cathode reaction force conforming to Aspden's Law of Electrodynamics, first enunciated by Dr. H. Aspden in 1969. High resolution metallographic results give evidence of the auto-electronic signature responsible for the anomalous PAGD (Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge) function we have identified.