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Usages of Science: the Use and Abuse of Physics

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.

Published in July 2001.     57 pages.

Philosophy of Science & the Politics of Thought

Monograph AS1-01



Why did Nietzsche hold that science was the higher becoming of philosophy? How, more specifically, does physics come to occupy a privileged role amongst sciences? And which physics does so? Could that already constitute an abuse of physics? And why does physics ultimately depend upon biology - the science of the living - which demands precisely that it become biophysics, the physics of the living?

The present essay traces the emergence of knowledge and its becoming science as a problem of both method and concepts. Aside from, and beneath, royal science and the modern axiomatic of technological development, there insists a science that pursues micro-functions and constitutive syntheses: the genesis of matter, the genesis of life, the equation and inequation of matter and energy, and so forth. The question that matters then is how does this other science work - what are its uses, its tools, its method?