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Re-examination of the Experimental Evidence for a Nonzero Aether Drift
Part 2: Rotational and post-1930 linear experiments

by Paulo N. Correa, Alexandra N. Correa, David Pratt, Malgosia Askanas
Aurora Biophysics Research Institute

J Aetherom Res, Volume 3, Issue 2 (September 2020),  pp. 1-20

Article ID:   JAR03-02-01

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This monograph is the second of a three-part re-examination of aether-drift and light-Doppler experiments. It begins with a review of linear experiments conducted from 1930 onwards. These include Kennedy-Thorndike and Ives-Stilwell-type experiments, which are usually cited in support of Special Relativity, but also the Silvertooth experiment and several subsequent experiments that allegedly detected a nonzero aether drift. The monograph then proceeds to review the Sagnac and Michelson-Gale rotational experiments, which showed that absolute rotation can be detected optically.