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50 Years after Albert Einstein:
The Failure of the Unified Field

Disclaimer and Notes by Akronos Publishing

The text from Gone Dark is being made available by Akronos Publishing. Its author, or assumed author, Mr. W. B. Smyth, has agreed to our conditions, including this disclaimer, as well as an introduction and a closing commentary written by the Correas.

No one at Akronos Publishing can vouch for the veracity of Smyth's text, nor for its author's being who he says he is. All that we can say is that its content appears to be rather plausible, even if our inhouse consensus is that it is fictionalized.

Smyth offered to us more of his text than we, in the end, chose to publish. It is our understanding that Smyth wants to publish the entire book from which the two chapters he sent us were taken. Yet he explicitly asked us to place a copyright disclaimer on the excerpted text. We have agreed to that. When queried, Smyth also asked us to retain the observed discrepancy in the initials of the apparent interviewer, who at first goes by the letter 'S', and shortly thereafter appears with the letter 'J'. We have no idea why Smyth did this, and it only appears in the first chapter of the text he sent us.

Smyth's text is written in the form of an interview that he apparently conducted - at least that's what one gathers, since Smyth has declined to answer that question directly - with an anonymous scientist, a 'Dr. W.' who poses as having worked for the US intelligence community, possibly the NRL (Naval Research Laboratory) or the ONR (Office of Naval Research). The style of the text, although quite relaxed, is also rather polished, which suggests that it is most likely not a literal transcript of a live interview but has, if nothing else, undergone some editorial smoothing and rounding.

We do not know if Smyth's story is real or not, but from what we could corroborate of it, its references are frequently factual, which led us to conclude that it was worth publishing - all the more as it seemed to demystify much of the speculation concerning what happened with project RAINBOW (aka project Invisibility). Maybe the truth lies in these lines, and maybe it will come out some day. Maybe in Smyth's book, who knows?

We have marked in bold all of our additions, corrections and editorial remarks.

Feedback from our readers is appreciated. We can only hope to have made the right decision in publishing this material.

Dr. M. Askanas
Editor-In-Chief, per Editorial Board
Akronos Publishing


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