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James DeMeo's visit to the Correa laboratory
and his Letter of Support (May 2001)


Subject: Thanks
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 12:16:13 -0700
From: J. DeMeo
To: Correa&Correa

Dear Paulo, Alex


Thank you all so very much for your hospitality during my visit, and once again, for sharing with me the findings and experiments which are so obviously the product of a lot of hard and focused work. As I said previously, this is the first time in 30 years where I have seen this aspect of Reich's work, with the motor, so clearly demonstrated. And, of course, you have broken into new territory which is pregnant with possibilities.

I intend to write you a letter, confirming my trip and your demonstration of the apparatus, which you can use in any manner you wish. Also, if you need to provide an outside reference, please feel free to give my name to persons whom you might wish to have an outside positive opinion of your work.

I've read the two papers you gave, and find myself in very large agreement with only a few small critical points that I can relate to you later on.

Again, seeing the motor turning with the flashing light from the vacuum tube provided a most wonderul vision into a better future.

Aside from my writing you the letter, please let me know, if there is anything I can do to assist your efforts.

Warm regards,


Subject: Letter
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 23:42:40 -0700
From: J. DeMeo
To: Correa&Correa

22 May 2001

Dear Paulo and Alexandra,

In this letter, I wish to recount my observations during a recent visit to your laboratory on May 12-13. Firstly, let me express my thanks for your personal hospitality and professional openness about what surely is a most controversial set of subjects. As you know -- and I think this is one reason why you invited me -- I have been investigating the subject of Wilhelm Reich's cosmic orgone energy motor and collecting every scrap of information on the subject I could find, since the early 1970s when I firstly heard of the subject. Following my visit to your laboratory, and seeing your various demonstrations, I can state quite openly that you have done more work on this subject than anyone I have ever met, and it surely appears that you have solved the riddle of Reich's undisclosed "Y-Factor", and progressed significantly far on your own to stand at the edge of producing practical applications.

Specifically, your first demonstrations were of the PAGD device, which uses a vacuum tube configuration similar to Reich's (superficially, at least), but with much higher voltage tensions and at only moderated vacuum pressures. One set of batteries created the charge necessary for the PAGD to develop some form of cascade-effect (my words) which was tapped to charge up a second set of batteries. The computer program you developed indicated the energy required to sustain the phenomenon was less than the energy developed from it. On this particular demonstration, I would repeat a suggestion made to you at the lab, that you should try and develop the proper circuitry to make a self- sustaining reaction that would allow the recharging of a single bank of batteries which also would run the process, and simultaneously allow the excess energy to run other apparatus.

While the PAGD demonstration may in fact be the more remarkable development for eventual practical power-production, on a more personal level I found your demonstration in the smaller lab room on the second day to be even more delightful. Here, you showed me several of the "spinner" type motors originally set into motion by orgone energy by Reich, which you were also able to accomplish. The spinning of the motors from the pulsatory energy derived from the vacuum was a marvelous demonstration, and in fact appears to be a much simpler arrangement than the larger PAGD apparatus, since this latter demonstration does not require the large banks of batteries, nor any computer program to tell you something unusual is going on! I observed the spinner motor and vacuum tube as powered by the orgone accumulator, and by antenna with earth-ground, using an electronic circuit which remained undisclosed, but which constituted the Y-factor.

The simultaneous demonstration of the orgone-charged GM tube was almost equally enchanting to observe, as in my own lab, so far I have only observed spurious explosions of counts, or erratic counts, from such charging -- never the smooth effects observed at your lab, where incremental approach of the apparatus to the accumulator yielded incremental increases in the cpm. Along these lines, it might interest you to learn, that upon my return back to Greensprings, the neutron counter I had been charging in the orgone room yielded something approaching several thousand cpm (neutrons only) in a burst that lasted a full three minutes -- something only classically observed inside a nuclear reactor, I imagine. The phenomenon would probably have continued for some additional minutes had I not gotten terribly curious and removed the probe from its hard plastic sphere of moderating material, whereupon the counts immediately ceased, and would not return again after re- insertion of the probe. Such is the nature of these marvelous orgone phenomena.

Returning back to your own experiments and demonstrations, it seems clear to me, that you should make your best effort to bring these discoveries to the world. I agree with you totally about the incredibly crazy condition of the human species, but as a student of history also can see that even a clear and compelling demonstration and applications program would not automatically find acceptance. People will resist it, much as the airplane was resisted. The darker side of things, I feel you can control by deciding what to release to the public, and what not, and rely upon friends to keep the discovery clear enough to the point that the socially-revolutionary aspects connected with energy-in-space, and with even the social discoveries of Reich, are all carried along with the tide.

Upon returning home, I had a conversation with Eugene Mallove, who also is a supporter of your work, and one of his ideas I found to be excellent. This is, on the assumption you cannot get the full amount of funding you seek for full-scale applications, that with more modest funding, start to make demonstration apparatus, self-contained devices which can be sold to anyone in the public for a fee of several thousand dollars, as examples of a working free-energy device. These would serve several basic functions:
1. The sales would provide some income to yourselves,
2. The demonstration apparatus would attract increasing attention and eventually the larger funding you seek, and
3. It would build your practical experience in getting the things to work under less-than-ideal circumstances.

My own suggestion, in addition to the above, is as follows: Since you now have a patent on the central PAGD device, go ahead and publish the full information about both the PAGD and the orgone-motor Y-factor. Build demonstration devices and even let ordinary tinkerers build them for their own evaluation and home energy production, and start a new revolution in the sciences and in industry, requiring self-builders only to sign a paper saying they will not make commercial ventures without a separate contract with you. I can imagine, you would be totally ignored by industry and science for a time, until some critical persons witnessed the demonstrations, at which point the whole thing would burst upon the social scene. This is my own recommendation, having engaged in this and similar work over the long haul, and seeing too few really concrete advancements.

I am truly positively excited by what you have shown me, and you can give my name and a copy of this letter to any persons who might want an outside independent evaluation. Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist in the development and bringing forward of your work.

With kind regards,
James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Director, OBRL