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J Aetherom Rsrch 1, 8:1-14 (May 2007)

The fascist legacy of futurism or, to be done with UFOlogy

Paulo N. Correa, Alexandra N. Correa

(A reprint of the last section, "Closing reflections: The fascist legacy of futurism - poor science and fiction for the meek", of Monograph AS3-II.10 - The Aetherometric Theory of Gravity and the Organized Fear of Knowing)

"I do not think that the whole purpose of the Creation has been staked on the planet we live; and in the long run we cannot deem ourselves the only race that has been or will be gifted with the mystery of consciousness. But I feel inclined to claim at the present time our race is supreme."

A. Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World, 1929

Asked to comment on the 1952 wave of UFO sightings, Einstein said: "These people have seen something. What it is I do not know and I am not curious to know."

A. Einstein, 1952 [1]

"With time, people's memory of the original news [of British research in suction aircraft in the remote western regions of the faithful Dominion] became so vague that it was possible to "produce' tiny macrocephalic Martians; delicate blond Venusians; the beautiful Aura Rahnes, the saucer pilot from the planet Clarion; the Uranians; the Ethereans; and the whole vast range of creatures that today are known throughout the world under the general apellation of "Our Brothers from Space", who bear messages of salvation for Humanity. From Top Secret to farce."

R. Vesco, Intercept UFO, p. 228

For a supreme race, Humanity certainly seems sworn to transforming the whole planet into a mound of uninhabitable detrita, devoid of life and joy, with every landscape replaced by the most synthetic and toxic of environments - from the gas mask to the pesticide-laden golf lawns and the airconditioned nightmares. Bent on confusing consciousness - as the product of language and inscription, of culture and a memory of words - with awareness, so that all life is made subservient to so-called 'human intelligence', human beings long, in their most secret of hopes, for someone (preferably God or demi-gods) to recognize their genius, or the genius of the whole deranged species; genius all the more domesticated and weakened as it does not really want to know, while making sure that what can be 'known' is effectively devoid of any interest. It seems there can be no further denying that knowledge - actual, perceptual, intelligible knowledge - has always been, like the birth of an extraordinary awareness, an act of violence done to consciousness. Separated from culture, separated from perception and intelligibility, knowledge lapsed into religion, mysticism, mechanics and probabilities; into physical and metaphysical fictions.

The preceding three monographs or chapters testify to the simple fact that existing physics lacks the physical and biological intelligence required for apprehending the inner workings of nature, specifically those which concern such basic scientific facts as free fall, the universal force constant of gravity G, inertia, the nature and energy of gravitons, and the complex structures of massfree energy and mass-energy, let alone the structure of the Aether. This impotence of modern science is shared by all the implicated approaches - Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, particle physics, QED, and ZPE theories. It is, in fact, constitutive of the epistemological models that are foundational to those approaches or serve as their premises of departure. How that is the case is a matter for a psychiatric study - one that would effectively demonstrate how this scientific impotence stems from precisely a shared emotional disposition, or what is called a libidinal dispositive geared to making one be uncurious and yet feel supreme - if need be, by replacing knowledge of the natural by facta ficta of the imagination, the ageless project of every religion.

And so it is that everything this supreme race touches turns into a religion. Even and especially science. As Nietzsche once put it in one of his Interludes in Beyond Good and Evil, "psychosis [madness] is something rare in individuals - but in groups, parties, peoples, ages, it is the rule" [2]. Modern physics in all of its approaches has become a religion - with demi-gods, priestly bureaucracies, doctrines, dogmas, mathematical abstrusities and all. The spirit of openness has become a banner, at best perpetually stuck in a rut between mechanists and mystics, determinists and poker players, evolutionists and creationists. Solutions to the problems that preside over the great divide are aprioristically banned by both sides. It suffices for a scientist or group of scientists to conduct research outside the framework of institutionalized science and peer review, for the subject matter to become ipso facto socially and scientifically irrelevant and the whole work taboo, proscribed to a marginal existence. And to make sure this remains the case, every opportunity is left open for any such scientific investigation to succumb to the clutches of obscurantism, rampant mysticism and futuristic sciencefiction. Promoters there are who will seek out any 'esoteric' work, classify it, peg it, and hound the scientists and inventors for a piece of the action, a serving on a platter, the secret of the 'transmigration of the souls', you name it.

Since Aetherometry has not sprung forth from institutionalized science - scientists feel vindicated in their right to ignore it. They do so at their own peril. For it is only from the aetherometric perspective that one can fully appreciate how and why existing physics of gravity, gravitation and inertia could never come to a complete understanding of their subjects, let alone achieve any form of technological control of gravity. This alone tells us that the edicts of auto-glorification emitted by both sides of the great social and scientific divide - the scientists that claim they understand 'the profound structure of Matter' enough to engineer a mythical Spacetime, and the mystical contactees and abductees that claim these engineering techniques have been given to us courtesy of Big Brother in Space - are simple emulations of Eddington's pedanticism, a too human form of narcissism geared to make one feel supreme...

Yet, nature has only given us reasons to feel humble before its power. This, however, we must project by attributing its fault to our imaginary demi-gods - both hated and loved in the image of their human creators: our faults and our virtues. Qua 'humanity' we may not understand gravity or inertia, but we are somehow sure that if there are others 'out there' who do, they are just as much of a 'screw-up' as we are. This is put into evidence in the collective hallucination of so-called "crashed ET discs". Yet, it is hardly conceivable that any intelligent living beings capable of mastering the control of gravity, capable of insulating their craft from heating and sonic booms, capable of achieving near- or supra-luminal speeds, and feats of change in direction like those reported and lent credence by Michel and Plantier, would ever crash - or, at the very least, crash as frequently as the UFO lore on "crashed ET saucers" would have us believe. If the machines Plantier postulated existed, it would not be collisions with airplanes, projectiles or missiles, or radar or laser or maser or particle-beams which would bring them down. The chances are probably analogous to those of a fly bringing down a jet fighter.

More likely than not, the lore about crashed discs stems from one of two only too human inclinations: the need to be assured that some humans, at least, have all the secrets to the cosmos without a gift from Big Brother; and the military need to protect experimental flight research and thus occlude the sheer fact that all those early-day efforts to run high-performance suction and EP aircraft ended in failure, crashes and explosions galore, along with similar accidents in the the Nazi, Russian and American rocketry programmes. It is, at bottom, a projection of the human failures in overcoming gravity by 'brute force' that leads one to want to believe in these tall tales of recovered saucers that easily malfunctioned or could be shot down with a variety of missiles or electromagnetic beams. Undoubtedly plenty of experimental saucers, delta-wing aircraft and rockets were recovered in secret military operations all over the world, and not just in the US. There is an almost infantile astonishment in the world of ufology about the fact that these operations were and are regularly carried out by various military establishments. This is par for the course of the experimentation that States and their military mechanisms constantly conduct with aerial craft. And given the high rate of failure in rocketry and turbine-propelled suction-aircraft - or, for that matter, in all other forms of development of experimental flight and propulsion systems - it is puerile, if not plainly retarded, to infer from the surrounding military secrecy that there is something more to it than 'business as usual', especially something on the order of a conspiracy with allied ET powers to hide the solution to Humanity's energy and gravity problems...

The entire field of investigation of abnormal aerial phenomena suffers from this paranoiac delusionism. Nothing has served better as an insurance against any genuine scientific curiosity in the subject. As happens with every pseudo-scientific phenomenology, a mix of various aspects of credible observations with pure fantasy creates a syndrome. The UFO phenomenon is not so much a phenomenon as it is a syndrome of very different phenomena. Most of the observations are simply not credible - because the witness is not credible (most often due to sheer ignorance), or is credible and the observation is mistaken and the sighting trivial. One does not have to take recourse to the idiocies of Donald Menzel in order to realize that sightings have been reported which were of either atmospheric phenomena - be they rare or frequent - such as lenticular clouds, meteorites, auroras, ball-lightning, magnetoconstrictive petrological discharges, etc, or of man-made devices - such as balloons, flying-wing aircraft, suction-aircraft, experimental helicopters, rockets, EP hybrids, satellites, and so on. But all serious investigators do agree that there is a core of observations which can be documented but fail to find a trivial explanation. The authors themselves made such an observation in 1976 - whose characteristics fail to fit any of the above trivial or semi-trivial events. This underlines how existing physics itself is unable to address or explain the common, basic characteristics of the unexplained core of genuine anomalous aerial phenomena.

After reading The Truth Twisters of R. Deacon, we were nearly sorry we had ever chosen the term Aether, Aetherometry or their derivatives, to describe the primary and secondary physical processes of massfree energy. So much in the mind of poor-minded souls hangs on words, badly perceived, memorized and repeated - we might still disregard the Etherans from Mars and their Society from Earth, but how to disregard the Aetherius Society? And what is it, you may ask! Deacon found the answer in the Pears Cyclopedia: "To members of the Aetherius Society, for example, the idea that Jesus Christ lives on Venus and rides around in a flying saucer is neither blasphemous nor ludicrous". Deacon, quite rightly, sees this manipulative psychosis - he calls it "a dangerous trend" - as the same that governs Scientology and the "unhealthy hysteria" that characterizes the content and delivery of our mass-'communication', and underlies all mass-reactions at the core of our decrepit culture. Deacon, of course, knew nothing about the term that Reich coined for just such a disease - 'the emotional plague'. And if he did, then, after the abusive and ideological use (jesuitic, really!) made of the concept by the likes of DeMeo et al, Deacon would not have had much use for the concept - real as it might be. Like Deacon, we will stick to 'unhealthy mass-hysteria' - and to what Deacon further found, namely, that it is "the real home of disinformation" [3]. Like us, Deacon realizes that no State wants to die, that no army aims at being defeated, and no warfare or militarized State, be it the Christian-Democratic State or the Global State of Peace will ever give up its strategic, policial and preemptive rights of military secrecy in all of its forms. Deacon puts the finger on the wound when he argues that amidst the hysteria, the fantasies and the errors, there is "sufficiently factual" background of unexplained UFO events that would demand, at least, serious and secret consideration by "some national defence ministries". There is no doubt that such institutions in the US, Britain and Russia underwent a constant upheaval with regard to such factual evidence during WWII and its aftermath, at least until the 1960's. From there onwards, the mass-reaction became manageable - with the correct institutions in place (in particular the central role of mass-media and cybernetic control systems) and sufficient disinformation to dilute public curiosity, let alone concern. The learning curve in the life-and-education of J.A. Hynek attests to this very trend and its historical twist. Much has happened since, but all singularly devoid of interest - the contactees became abductees, the devotees became the missionaries and Albert Schweitzers of the world (S. Greer of Disclosure Project fame told these authors he wanted to cure Gaia, i.e. the world), the confabulated Brothers from Space did not make contact, in fact they avoided contact - including any military engagement. This much the US and other concerned nations learned with the passage of time. Just like they learnt that, with human technology, there was little point in trying to create man-made saucers if it was just to reassure the public. They admitted therefore - not publicly, but implicitly - that they had no clue of the technology that might explain those irreducible factual observations, reports or detections, all the while utilizing this ambiguous fact to hide their own megabuck research in military flight and lift technologies. That is their prerogative, effectively conferred every day by whatever social structure organizes those States, always with the consent of majorities - silent in tyrannies, and only too brassy and tyrannical in representative democracies. As it happens only too often - and is illustrated by the puerile beliefs in "parapsychology" and ESP (as if one could perceive without that very act constituting a sense-organ!) - those who disinform are the first 'victims' of that disinformation, by becoming 'believers'. The poet says - they lie to themselves. But maybe that is too good an excuse.

In our view, eventually Hynek was almost on target when in his public act of 'contrition' he finally admitted to the possibility that other intelligent lifeforms might control interstellar craft and come from other stars or galaxies; if that were the case, why "don't [they] try to communicate with us? One answer might be: Why should they? We wouldn't try to communicate with a new species of kangaroo we might find in Australia; we would just observe the animals" [4].

Worse than that, it might even be that we are past being of interest to these lifeforms - either as food or as object of study. After all, science cannot claim to study or be interested in everything there is in nature. Lakes of Mexico dry up and axolotls become rare; every minute that passes several species disappear which no science has even had time to study, let alone with some creative purpose, dedication or motive. Indifference to us is precisely the most likely scenario - an indifference based upon an evaluation that we are millenia away from ever looking into the cosmos other than through the looking glass. And, given the immensity of the cosmos, an indifference that can only be encouraged by experience of that vastness. Our emotions - defined as they are by human sentiments - anchor the very limitations of our thinking; our social order enforces those limitations; we are all prisoners on this planet, not because of military or State secrecy, not because our intelligence is more intelligent than we are, but because it is our secrecy, our intelligence, our desire that condemns us to this prison we have built with our hands, and continue to do so every day with the pointlessness of trapped rats.

In the aftermath of the Columbia disaster, we should return to the questions that Loder [5] makes with reference to the T.T. Brown-based technology, and critically examine the answers that Loder and the Disclosure Project give. Loder dates the open discussion of the technology behind the UFO phenomenon to the publicization of "Brown's findings" in the 1950's. Loder's source is basically the booklet on electrogravitics edited by Valone, and this boils down to the 1956 British report of Aviation Studies Intl Ltd on Brown's technology. There, it is stated that a long list of American companies involved with the military-industrial complex were then focusing their efforts on electrogravitics technology - McDonnel Douglas, Hiller, Convair, AT&T, Glenn Martin (Martin-Marietta now), Sikorski, Clarke Electronics, GE, Lawrence Bell, Lear Inc, Sperry-Rand, Curtiss-Wright, Lockheed, Boeing, and still others - together with their academic counterparts, the residue of Vannevar Bush's once Office of Scientific Development and Research, beginning with his alma mater, MIT, and including, but not limited to, IAS in Princeton, CalTech and the UNC. After presenting a series of hyper-optimistic projections dating from that decade, about the application of Brown's technology to Mach 3 flight, the British report made the prediction that the second part of the XXth century would witness the triumph of gravity-powered flight. Loder pauses at this point to introduce the critical question: "Looking back it is easy to say that they [these reports from the 50's] missed the mark. Did they really miss it by a half-century?". The question already biases the answer - since it only permits the mark to be missed by a half-century, and not more - and the answer that Loder and SEAS have given reduces to the notion that, 'no, the mark was not missed', its interest was simply 'downplayed in the next four decades' in order to protect covert military projects of the US government. At this point, Loder draws a parallel between the few scientists that have come out in the 1990's with the new theories of the ZPE, and the recent statements of military and civilians which the Disclosure Project brought together and presented to the US Congress in 2001. His conclusion and that of S. Greer is that in this time period of 4 decades "significant breakthroughs" have occurred which have been kept from being publicized.

So, what are these significant breakthroughs [6] that were so important as to provide the US with real antigravitational skunkworks, and warrant so much secrecy? When Loder quotes examples of solid research in antigravity, it is almost for laughs - De Aquino, the Searl disc, Podkletnov, Zinsser and a few others of the same kind, or worse, like J. Naudin's electrician-style versions of 'cleaned' artifacts, the T.T.Brown and MEG flops, etc. Then, Loder proceeds to tell us how QED is capable of offering the correct framework to explain electrogravitics and develop new methods of spaceflight, how relativistic theoreticians - the inheritors of Feynman and Gell-Mann - found ways to make spectacular u-turns to permit "superluminal space travel", somehow, "without violating the tenets of relativity" (! everything is possible!), how Haisch et al came to explain the Biefeld-Brown effect as the slowing down of "the gyroscopic motion" of electrons to make them easier to move around, and thus to reduce their mass and inertia - in glaring violation not only of the conservation of mass, or in aetherometric terms, of mass-energy, but also without any plausible explanation that addresses the Bertozzi-type experiments where accelerated massbound charge is said to increase, not decrease, its mass - and thus its mass-energy.

As evidence of dramatic skunkworks that work, we are provided with LaViolette's speculative and erroneous paper, also published by Valone, on the use of Brown's "antigravity principles" in the stealth B-2 bomber [7]. This is based precisely on the notion that the employment of charged gas flame jets in the B-2 is implemented along the lines of Brown's Project Winterhaven [8]. LaViolette's point of departure was a 1992 article in Aviation Week and Space Technology (March 9, 1992) that reported how the B-2 charges its "leading edge and exhaust stream". However, Loder is incorrect - and the thesis is originally neither LaViolette's nor AWST's. Like just about everything else in ufology, it is a recycled thesis, and was first put forward by a Tony Gonsalves in 1990, in the San Jose magazine "UFO" (vol. 5, No.s 3 and 6). Back then, the B-2 was rumored to be an antigravitational craft propelled by nuclear power, employing thrust-vectoring (no big deal, since, by the late 1960's, the British AV-8 Harrier already used it), and hover technology 'directly obtained from aliens' - whether through the Nazi connection, repeated crashes, or an unholy alliance between the US and the same aliens... It is old hat and nothing more. Of course, if one decided to take a closer look at the scientists or propagandizers that have embraced as their own the folkish tall tales of UFOs in the 1980's, one might find that LaViolette was expelled from the USPTO because, according to him, of his admission of the possibility of perpetual motion; this would be only too becoming, were it not that LaViolette - who has authored a book titled Beyond the Big Bang, and has called for "a Tesla wave physics" - instead of supporting his admission with a physical, mathematical and scientific argument, declared it instead a matter of religious faith! There could not be a starker demonstration of the failure of LaViolette's "subquantum kinetics". Here is a poor Catholic who has not yet figured out that the Church has always preached that Time will come to an end, since it must have had a beginning... For scientists - as for the USPTO - this must have been indeed a stressful situation - aggravated, no doubt, by the fact that the Fathers of the Constitution themselves believed in a God, a Good God who is a Creator. But actual scientists cannot be rolled by tales of religious martyrdom, faith and revelation. As Ron Regehr, an aerospace professional who "witnessed the B-2 up close and personal", once put it in that same UFO magazine that published Gonsalves's deliria [9]: "I am convinced that many of our best designers, engineers and technicians - of this planet - are solely responsible for these fine craft". It was good when popular publications on this material kept a skeptical mind, did not follow a messianic line, were somewhat critical about what is 'out there' - and respected it all the more without falling into mysticism, obscurantism and the paranoid sense of salvation missions. And talking about salvation, it was LaViolette who approached these authors in 1997 with a scheme for the creation of an autonomous community of the worshippers of the Bleeding Heart of the Virgin (a Catholic cult), to be built promptly before the end of the Millenium... Worse still, it was Greer and Loder who, after witnessing our aPAGD flywheel inverter and our Tesla-magnifier motor drive in the presence of our friend Gene Mallove (upon whom they had previously bestowed an honorary membership in the Disclosure Project, as part of their marketing foray) and in the context of our offer to submit the patented aPAGD converter for their US$1M 'Z Prize', were only willing to offer US$8k to develop the inverter... To maintain the fiction they really did have that million dollars, a few months later they went on radio announcing they had, at last, found a technology that qualified for the Z Prize in the Dominican Republic; it was going to be an energy and a lift revolution; the guy was already extracting megawatts and Loder could confirm it, so the technological implementation would be a cinch. The regreening of Gaia. At that time we quite unerringly predicted to Gene what would happen next: some months later, the deal was still "all real", but the inventor difficult, paranoid; finally, he even managed to disappear. So, Gaia was again left caught between the oil multinationals with their islamic kingdomships, and islamic fascism...

To buttress LaViolette's contention, Loder quotes Bob Oechsler, notorious self-aggrandizer, one of those spawned by the intrigues of John Lear (the ultimate one-man show in the MJ-12 caper) and instrumental in leading Timothy Good both to fame and down the rose-garden path. This was the same Oechsler who believed and propagandized that the Reagan Star Wars programme was designed to meet a threat from outer space - when anti-missile missile technology, even two decades later, could barely shoot down a SCUD in the first Gulf War!

Like Spinoza, we think that there are relations of adequacy and inadequacy between the private and public personas of a scientist - or any other human being, for that matter. And these concern the relations of conscious and preconscious interests and motivations with unconscious desires. They form threads, lines of life and death, that invariably become the threads of power, entangled in the webs of power. These lines can be hard or soft, construed by the logic of large scale massive ensembles, or by soft segments that only reproduce the inertia of those ensembles, on smaller scales, or still by molecular lines, barely perceptible, that obey a different logic, a logic of energy, the micrologic of molecular and subquantic functions. Science is both formed and riddled with such lines - hard lines that compose an Official Science, softer lines that, driven by some axiomatic (financial, military, confabulatory or mass-mediatic), unleash officiating sciences, all the field specializations of the disciplines and subdisciplines, up to and including the margins of science. And then, often almost unrecognizably, there are escapes from official and officiating science, whether the escapes come from the center or the margins - a nomadic Anaxagoras or a Szilard who flees the center, an Archimedes or a Tesla that makes the center flee, a Véronnet or a Reich who stand outside the system, outside the scientific establishment, and flee even the margins, the delusional, paranoid margins. Caught in these hard or soft systems, the lines of life turn into lines of survival, no longer adequate to life, and useful only for systems of power that cultivate death latency in order to continue to rule and wage war. The psychiatric and emotional disposition of the 'globalized' human being is no exception to this, only the next stage in its development: before, only the center mattered - the State, the white-man figure, the white worker - now the center is equal to the peripheries, and just another periphery - it is the turn of all the minority figures, the time when to paranoiac official science must be added the normative status of paranoid neurotic science. There could not be a greater inadequacy than that of either science to grasp the cosmos for what it is. Historically, and socially, it is the emergence of a volitional 'science' that marks the end of science in nihilism and indifference between fiction and science. Nietzsche had anticipated the likelihood of such an outcome. Even the technological achievement will become more fantastic and fictional than real or actual, the confabulatory machine making the Moeller machine fly at high altitudes, when it could never do that, turning the B-2 into a UFO donated by aliens from outer space, in ways exactly identical to those that have secured the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in Lourdes, Fatima or Medjugorje, or are used to secure the faith of all followers in all religious, fascist and fanatical social and militarized movements. Anyway, it is all alive and well, and proven in the movies and mass-media.

The funny part of all this is that not all believers are necessarily lying or simply mistaken. No. It is rather a matter precisely of the psychiatry of an epoch - of the hallucinations and the deliria that it accepts, that it makes its own. And our epoch has a very peculiar variant of this hallucinatory and delirious discourse. Like the Disclosure Project, Oechsler and Good also thought that all which had yet to be known was already known to the US government, and that the latter was following some hare-brained policy of gradual release which UFO researchers should help along, by accelerating it. In their blind mission, these people did not realize the harm they were causing to the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon, or we should rather say, phenomena. In their zeal, they recuperated even the irrecuperable - the dregs of disinformation, like one Bob Lazar. Oechsler wrote: "Bob Lazar was an unwitting participant in a plan to release information regarding the US government's involvement with extraterrestrial hardware, perhaps as part of an elaborate indoctrination programme" [10]. The only indoctrinated ones are those writing these tall tales to sell books. When they 'empower' a consummate liar and con-artist like Lazar; when they feel like part of a 'government plan to release information', but in good conscience outside and beyond it, because they are accelerating the 'historical process' and 'helping reveal the truth', one recognizes the confabulatory techniques of massmarketing hysteria, terror, dread. It may be there to serve certain interests and powers that be, and it may be there for its own sake, since disinformation sells and yields all sorts of surpluses. Yet, the malignancy remains the same.

But then maybe one should ignore all this millenarist, 'post-modern' (rather post-mortem, we should say) junk - were it not for the harm, the very real and concrete harm that it causes. If all is already known, there is no more reason to search, to investigate, to do research or finance it. It is all a matter of a sanctified revelation made to save humanity at the last minute, at the 25th hour - as the urgency of Greer's discourse hits over and over again, no different in substance, content and technique of expression from the strident globalistic apologists of the Global Warming myth, the promoters of the Carbon Credits market. Promoters, Advertizers, Telemarketeers, Tele-evangelists, Market-makers, Illusion-peddlers. Here lies the real brainwashing - the upholding of a sacred mission where Man, when all is said and done, is still permitted to conquer the cosmos in His own right, ie on the silver screen. What a pitiful performance! It is already the tears that a departing humanity sheds for its beautiful form and its unabated cult of disingenuous lies and cupidity.

Who is at fault for this? No one. Mechanistic science and its relativistic and probabilistic 'black holes' certainly contributed to this status quo; and so did religion and all of its subsequent cultist mutations - this unabated mystification of the cosmos which is at once fear of its contact, horror of its populations, and terror of its depth, all because of our very definite refusal to learn the processes and energy functions of nature, within ourselves and without, in the immensity of that cosmos. When Bud Hopkins cashes in on the cow of abductions, or Lear, Moore and Strieber cash in on the MJ-12, or Good and Oechsler cash in on the vilest of entrapments of Adm. R. Inman, or Greer and Loder cash in on this business of the Disclosure Project and the great conspiracy, or neo-situs like Jim Keith and Co cash in on all these Gemstone files, a new age of obscurantism has descended - where the populism of the media at last found its minimum common denominator: trash, without research, without foundation, without science. Conspiratorial Christian trash, new versions of the Okhrana's Protocols of the Elders of Zion, emitted precisely to block the understanding of matters critical for all Life on Earth, emitted to elicit hatred and stupidity as normative forms of behavior. Strange that the more one globalizes and politically corrects the post-modern hominid, the more it reverts to sheer fantasmagoria, passive or frenzied, couch-potato-like or still swallowing the Koran or some other holy book.

And, of course, one wonders therefore if some of these so free agents of above-top-secret 'information' are not directly the agents of a purposeful disinformation. After all, more than a decade passed since Oechsler and Good sold their books or were in 'the in', and for once one can now answer some of those questions - like those Oechsler made: "Has the time come to move on to a higher level of consciousness? Can we make the leap? Only time will tell" [11]. What time has told, in the meantime, is that there were no antigravitational technologies in Uncle Sam's cupboard; that astronauts still die ignominious deaths; that what people like Oechsler call 'a higher level of consciousness' is actually a lower one, since their image of Man is that of a domesticated animal that has abandoned its power to make differentiations, has shrunk from the violence of thought, and prefers the fake calm and justice of the politically correct where every lofty idiocy has the "droit de cité", must be said, must be heard: the global village turned into an AA meeting.

For the simple truth is that, yes, there is a New Physics just over the horizon, but this horizon is an ever receding one, with a foreground that looks more like a striated minefield than the smooth Space of any understanding. Why? Because, with all the cheap talk of self-empowerment, all that we have empowered are the military machines of a mad axiomatics of survival and death, and all our fighting is bound to be, over and over, against fascism. We may not even have the chance to fight for Life. We have lost sight of the critical matters, of those problems that actually matter for Life and the living. We have lost thought of what science, an open science, should and could be. We have bought our own lies, and are ready to follow every moron that has a crusade to disclose: it resolves to buttons and T-shirts, along with suicide-bombers and the conflict of religious civilizations.

Yet, before us stands the sea, tempting us to cross it, now that Aetherometry has yielded an understanding of the Aether that no previous physical theory could uncover. Still, it is of no use to the global hominid. And there is no bottle where its words can reside in protective custody for hundreds of years. But maybe for a few readers of these lines it will become clear what throwing weight overboard ("lester du poids") should mean: a technique to reach levity, superfluidity, lightness, buoyancy, Celeritas. To see the depth but ride on the surface, to deliver our life from the inertia of weighty mass, from the inertia of our history and our reactive minds; to free our souls from the weight that crashes the spirit.

No wonder that even the best amongst us could not figure out what gravity is all about. For it is a Spirit which only celerity, another Spirit, may escape. If we were ever to contact Space, that is the spirit we should first 'inspire'. We shall have first to become aetheronauts of the soul and only then cross the sea that Aetherometry at last makes intelligible.


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