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An Open Letter to Mr. J. Wilson of Popular Mechanics

July 25, 2004


Jim Meigs, Editor-In-Chief
Popular Mechanics
810 Seventh Avenue
New York City, NY 10019

Dear Mr. Meigs -

We hereby request that Popular Mechanics publish the following Open Letter to Mr. J. Wilson. We expect some lame excuse for not publishing it (length, tone, etc - the usual tactics when a critical and uncomfortable issue is addressed), so we have already taken measures to make it public.


Paulo Correa, MSc, PhD
Alexandra Correa, HBA


[PM cover]

Open Letter to Mr. J. Wilson about the falsities and the invented horrors
in his article 'Dangerous Science'
('America's Worst Nightmare - Homebuilt H-Bombs')
in the August 2004 edition of Popular Mechanics


Dear Mr. Wilson -

As the closest friends and scientific colleagues and collaborators of Dr. Eugene Mallove, we are writing this letter to protest what you and Popular Mechanics have done under the pretence of publishing an important feature article on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). What you have produced is pure sensationalistic hype - worthy of a second-rate rag. You mixed ill-digested facts with false allegations that you attributed to Dr. Mallove, in order to cook the eye-catching stew of mass-hysteria and paranoia that the cover so successfully conveys. You saw fit, in this age of rampant terrorism, to tell to your readers a scary bed-side tale - instead of doing your homework as a Science Editor. You preferred to concoct a science-fiction story of an imaginary horror, rather than educate your readers about the physics and potentialities of LENR. You knew it would sell like hotcakes, and so, overnight, 'cold fusion', which only yesterday was an affair of crackpots and was being suppressed for a falsely attributed 'lack of merit', became so meritorious and so dangerous as to deserve to become an affair of State, Army and Intelligence.

But even where you pretend to champion it, Mr. Wilson, your championship is nothing but charlatanism and obscurantism. For you yourself declare that the state of the USA tritium reserve is a "closely guarded secret". And if there were a crisis in American tritium production, it would certainly not be the tritium produced by any current research in 'cold fusion' that would be able to make up for any deficiencies in its industrial production. So your case for "cold fusion cells [that] could, with minimal effort and expense, be used to provide a supply of much-needed tritium" is a dead fish, a red herring to sell copies of your magazine, and a bone you pretend to throw to traditional cold-fusioneers in need of something to put on their grant applications - while, all along, you effectively plead for all such research to become 'classified'. You're no friend of science, Mr. Wilson!

Your lack of scruples goes even further: for you abuse the death of our dear friend - which is still under investigation - by placing it next to a featurette on the two tragic deaths at SRI International, deaths which, incidentally, may well have nothing to do with 'cold fusion', even if certain of the destroyed laboratory materials were radioactive. But by insidiously placing these events side by side, you suggest at once the notions of "home-made bomb" and "conspiracy to murder", without having to say it. What an editorial job!

You further abuse Dr. Mallove's death by preposterously claiming that he told you that table-top cold-fusion devices already produce tritium, uranium and plutonium, a falsity and a lie that we deny he ever said to you. First, because he knew his physics, which you obviously don't. Second, because one can easily reconstruct what it is he told you - and it wasn't that, Mr. Science Editor!

Here is what you wrote, with superb disregard for the truth:

"Mallove told PM [ie Jim Wilson] that scores of cold fusion experiments have revealed the production of enriched uranium, plutonium and tritium".
Mallove did no such thing. You owe his memory an apology! Mallove told you what he himself wrote:
"There is evidence of helium-4 and helium-3 production, tritium production, low-level neutron emissions, charged particles, light emission spectral anomalies" (Infinite Energy, #55, p. 10).
Dr. Mallove would never have said anything as absurd and far-fetched as that cold fusion experiments have revealed production of uranium or plutonium! To claim that he did, is nothing more than gratuitous hype. To what end? So that you could justify speaking of a bomb and justify PM's absurd art cover to effectively peddle your fear-mongering.

And further, you thought that the death of Dr. Mallove gave you license to twist and spin his words to the point where it sounds as if he did not even know his physics. Shame on you, Mr. Wilson. Not to mention that the words "There is evidence" do not mean that those findings are reproducible or even regularly accessible for either helium or tritium production, for that matter.

To prove you shamefully wrong, we take the liberty of quoting below, in toto for the relevant parts, Dr. Mallove's letter to us and to two other close friends of his, a letter in which he talks, three days before his murder, about his thoughts on what he was doing with you and what you were going to do. There, he indeed speaks of a 'bombshell '- but what he had in mind was not a bomb (such a human, too human, idea), but a conceptual bomb in physics! There, he expresses his own thoughts on what you and Popular Mechanics should have done - which is to stick to the concrete evidence for LENR - and not dedicate yourselves to the creation of some mythical bugaboo!

And there, too, he presents his strategy - how he had hoped that you, Mr. Wilson, after becoming interested in the real meat of cold fusion, and being helped along by him (Dr. Mallove), would become interested in the evidence for a New Physics and the four distinct, clean, non-radioactive, non-emission technologies which we invented and some of which we have patented. But, alas!, you were more interested in concocting imaginary bombs made - in the words of PM's Editor - "in some nut's kitchen", than in covering the real progress and the unexpected difficulties that research in nuclear fusion, whether hot or cold, has encountered, or -God forbid! - in covering peaceful and clean technologies that do not sell magazines because no bombs can be produced from them!

"Dear all,

Maybe there has been a confluence of opportunity -- but maybe not. I realize that this is the 11th hour, 59th minute and perhaps 59th second. Here is what has come to mind:

Yesterday I spent a full day with Jim Wilson, who is the senior science editor of Popular Mechanics, the venerable magazine (received in 27 countries) which has an audience of readers estimated at 10,000,000 (the actual print run is less, of course, but it is in the several millions range of printed copies). The purpose of his long-planned visit was to give Jim -- whom I have known for some years -- much more background about cold fusion and LENR -- this all triggered by the increasing interest coming out of the DOE review of the subject. There will be what is shaping up to be a bombshell cover story in Popular Mechanics' August issue, which comes out in late June or early July. It looks as though Wilson will be going full positive in favor of the emerging science and technology -- including massive coverage of the transmutation phenomena, perhaps the radioactivity changes, etc, as well as chastising the US Patent office and delving into the fraud at MIT! We shall see. Mitch Swartz spoke to Wilson over the phone (...) As a result of this publicity, Mitch will probably sell many units and the reality of excess heat/ LENR is going to be brought home in a big way, I think."

No mention of a bomb or fears of a bomb, please note. He continues:
"Now here is where Aetherometry comes in.... I naturally shared with Wilson as a significant Big Dessert the story about the PAGD, the aether motors, and the Stirling-Hyborac. The entire context of my discussion with Wilson about cold fusion was that although the cold fusion data are in many cases solid, the theory behind what is going on is very dubious. Wilson seemed VERY impressed and intrigued by the PAGD, in particular -- I had showed him the patents and gave him the gist of what was going on and how things were measured. He has issues #7, 8, and 9 of IE with him now. (...) I had showed him some clips from the DVD. He has a very open mind about things, judging from what I was able to gather about his anti-CSICOP attitude, his attendance occasionally at meetings of SSE (Society for Scientific Exploration). Wilson has a very important role at Popular Mechanics (...). Wilson has high influence -- he manages some 30 freelancers for other stories on science and technology there. He is the senior science editor, and as long as he can rationally justify any story, he has no trouble - apparently -- convincing top management about the nature of the featured science or technology story on the cover.

Therefore, I think it quite possible that if we wished to pursue this avenue, we could get him to do a major story on PAGD, aether motors, new biology, etc. -- likely a cover story, if we gave him the right info. Nothing is certain, of course, but I could arrange a conference call with him if you wished -- and you could feel him out yourself. It is even better than what I have said so far (...).

This is what I have in mind. I'd like to try to interest him in another cover story, one focused around Aetherometry and the science, experiments, and technologies that support it. This would be -- if we could pull it off -- almost a unique opportunity to make many millions of people aware of Aetherometry and its attendant technologies. (...)"

And in a subsequent letter he added:
"I will encourage Jim Wilson to [..] purchase ALL your stuff, and I will tell him that I plan to carry out a long term education project with him about Aetherometry. This, I would hope, would lead to a series of articles by him with the general rubric: Is Physics cracked? He would feel free to cite other work - e.g Bearden, Puthoff, or whomever, but I would suggest to him that he acknowledge that YOUR work contains the only known irrefutable prototype technological devices connected with vacuum energy and that the nature of your revolutionary theory is such that it fits the emerging reality in a superior way."
Did you try to fulfill Dr. Mallove's wishes? Did you pursue the story he suggested you should? Did you tell the LENR story as he thought you would? No, to all three questions. Which pretty well damns - in our eyes, and in the eyes of his friends - any trust that Dr. Mallove had in you.

Millions might not realize it, but you sold them snake oil, of the worst type: a terrorist bomb, instead of a positive story either on the hopes for LENR, or on those for Aetherometry. You clearly have no respect for the lifework of Dr. Mallove. He and 10 million other people deserved better.



Paulo Correa, MSc, PhD
Alexandra Correa, HBA



Addendum of July 28, 2004


We received today the following email from one of our readers:

First, congratulations on an excellent body of work. I've been studying Reich and Orgone related material casually for about a decade and reading your website was the first time I got the impression that someone has made any progress in 50 years.

I'm writing because I thought you would appreciate a correction to your open letter to the irresponsible article in Popular Mechanics, an article that could have made some difference in public support and opinion but instead went for the theatrical terror angle. If they consider LENR to be a national security issue, it should be that by successful exploitation of this energy the USA could reduce potential terror threats to zero. It seems however that the american media and government only want to fuel terror with terror of their own. Alas.

Anyway, you say in the letter:

"Dr. Mallove would never have said anything as absurd and far-fetched as that cold fusion experiments have revealed production of uranium or plutonium! To claim that he did, is nothing more than gratuitous hype. To what end? So that you could justify speaking of a bomb and justify PM's absurd art cover to effectively peddle your fear- mongering."
However, from his ifCC10 review article in issue 52 of Infinite Energy, he writes:


"A. How fissionable isotopes of uranium have apparently been created on electrochemical cell cathodes. The work of John Dash and Dan Chicea on the apparent production (enhancement) of 235U from natural uranium foils via either glow discharge in hydrogen atmospheres or in electrolytic production is truly remarkable. This high-Z transmutation, if it is validated, will show how "easy" and omnipresent the transmutation phenomenon is.
History will, I am sure, eventually record this preposterous upside-down world of reactions to these overarching discoveries in LENR. The now somnolent science journalists will then indulge in a feeding frenzy over "Who knew what when?" and "How could they (the culpable scientists) have been so stupid as not to recognize the reality of a vast new source of nuclear activity, which was potentially very dangerous?" Just a look in the mirror will tell them how this happened, though they surely will not acknowledge their own reflections."
This seems to contradict the facts in your letter (although it doesn't betray the spirit of your objections!).

I hope this is of some help, and keep up the good work!

An excellent letter by an attentive and careful reader. We would say, however, that these facts do not contradict our statements, because:

1.   First, note that the work of Dash and Chicea [1,2] was not on the production of U235, but on its enhancement in uranium cathodes.

2.   This work has not been confirmed (as was also noted by Gene).

3.   The purported enhancement took place, not in a 'cold fusion' cell, but in a plasma reactor subject to a glow discharge in a residual atmosphere of hydrogen isotopes (ICCF-9, 2002), or in an electrolytic cell with uranium electrodes loaded with hydrogen from water, not hydrogen isotopes (ICCF-10). Neither procedure qualifies the work as 'cold fusion': fusion of hydrogen is neither demonstrated nor necessary for the production of the reported results. In the plasma approach, U238 is bombarded with protons and deuterons, and in the electrolytic approach only protons are involved. Apparently, the result of either bombardment is the loss of three neutrons (to yield U235) or an He4 alpha particle (to yield Th234). This rather qualifies the work as 'cold fission' - not 'cold fusion'.

4.   Part of the problem - even in Gene's dramatization of the Dash and Chicea results - is the slipping-and-sliding that has occurred between the terms 'cold fusion' and LENR (note that PM uses 'cold fusion' in the statement Wilson attributes to Gene). The original 'cold fusion' term was a misnomer, but it designated an almost precise physical realm: the fusion of deuterium in aqueous phase electrodes under such conditions that it generated excess sensible heat, rather than the expected gamma radiation. Production of neutrons and tritium were, and are, ancillary results. With the introduction of the confusing LENR term, the field substantially broadened and diluted - largely as a result of the failure of 'cold-fusioneers' to bring about a provable, testable, reproducible 'cold fusion' device. The 'field' now came to encompass just about all nuclear transmutation processes under the sun, whether they were brought about by fusion (of hydrogen and helium), bombardment-induced decay in plasma reactors or in aqueous media, spontaneous fission, poorly-understood biological phenomena, etc. The fact, then, remains that there are no 'cold fusion' cells which produce U235.

5.   A fortiori, the same statement can be applied to plutonium: there are no 'cold fusion' cells that produce plutonium. Gene knew this full well.

There are three other remarks we should like to make.

First, there is little doubt that military institutions have long taken an interest in 'cold fusion' and LENR. Just look around: most of the surviving laboratories and remaining work are financed by the US Navy, conducted at the ONR, of interest to companies associated with the military-industrial complex in the USA and in Europe and Russia. And there is little doubt that, for some time now, there has been a push to invoke military reasons to suppress the field. Discredit may itself well have been part of an underhanded campaign geared in the same direction.

Secondly, what this reader's letter so well draws out is that, if 'cold fusion' is to become a national security issue, then what should be seen as the priority is the exploitation of its promises as an excess energy technology, its potential to reduce the dependence of the USA upon foreign oil and the concomitant vulnerability to terrorist threats. Now, while this is true, one may legitimately wonder which form such a prioritization would take. Open research in the 'cold fusion' field has not yet succeeded in materializing the promise of excess-energy machines, and one might attribute this failure to underfunding. Would security then demand that funding (eg a Manhattan-type project) be provided but the field 'closed'? Moreover, funding, by itself, is no certainty of success - just consider the massive 6-decade funding of 'hot fusion' and how, it too, did not deliver on that excess energy. It should begin to dawn on physicists that nuclear fusion and nuclear processes may well be something that they do not yet understand.

If cool heads prevail, science should come to the realization that very little is actually known about the intranuclear structure of the atom. The failures of 'hot' and 'cold' fusion prove that little is known and that a major effort should be geared towards a better understanding of the atom outside of probabilistic and 'quarky' misconceptions . If funding cannot solve the problem, suppression of public knowledge and militarization of the research can only make it worse. And, whether or not the research will succeed, the funding is needed - yesterday.

Lastly, fusion may well not be the key to the technological energy problems faced by our society. The reasons are too many to enumerate here. Other technologies exist, like our own, which have been even more underfunded than 'cold fusion' or LENR (and are naturally and often resented by those working in the CF/LENR field), but have none of the inherent problems and difficulties of fusion devices. Gene put it best in a letter (Oct. 2002) to one of his colleagues at the Temple:

"If I had known what I know today about the finicky/difficult nature of cold fusion (too difficult to quickly get to robust technology) -- real though it is, I would have put ALL my effort into the work of the Correas back in 1996 when I first encountered them. It was not until 2000/August that I fully realized how profound and solid their work really was. Now it may be too late for me to help them. But, maybe not..."

Paulo Correa
Alexandra Correa


1. Dash, J., et al. (2002) "Effects of glow discharge with hydrogen isotope plasmas on radioactivity of Uranium", in "Ninth International Conference on Cold Fusion, Condensed Matter Nuclear Science", Tsinghua Univ. Press, Beijing, China.

2. Dash, J. and D. Chicea (2003) "Changes in the radioactivity, topography, and surface composition of Uranium after Hydrogen loading by aqueous electrolysis", in "Tenth International Conference on Cold Fusion".



Followup - November, 2004


As the August issue of PM was hitting the stands - the issue following that which carried Jim Wilson's sensationalistic garbage - James Meig, the new Editor-In-Chief of PM, wrote us the following response:

From: James Meigs
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 09:58:55 -0400
Subject: Concerning your letter

Dear Dr. Paulo and Alexandra Correa:

I received your letter concerning Popular Mechanics' August cover story. I apologize for the delay in responding; we had some turnover in the department that handles mail and your letter only reached me last night.

I want to let you know that your points concerning that story are of the utmost concern to me. I took over as editor in chief of Popular Mechanics several weeks ago (after that issue had been printed), and I am still familiarizing myself with the wide range of topics we cover. My goal as editor is to make sure that Popular Mechanics brings important stories concerning science and technology to the general reader with the utmost accuracy and balance.

I will be looking into the details of the August cover story with great care and may wish to contact you for more information. Thank you for your efforts in bringing this to my attention.


James B. Meigs
Editor in Chief

To this we responded:

To: James Meigs
From: Paulo and Alexandra Correa
Subject: Re: Concerning your letter
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 20:09:02 -0400

Dear Mr. Meigs -

Thank you for your email of August 5th, 2004. We have just returned from New Hampshire where we visited our dear friends, including the Mallove family, and were pleasantly surprised to read your message promising to look into the details of Mr. Wilson's abuse of the facts and of Dr. Mallove's memory. We would, of course, be most gratified if you would find a rubric in which to publish our letter - and if you so wish, any of the follow-up now posted below the letter at the Akronos website (www.aetherometry.com). We trust that when you get down to the brass tacks of your inquiry you will do what 10 million readers deserve - the right thing, which is to tell the truth.

Thank you for your attention and candor.


Paulo Correa, MSc, PhD
Alexandra Correa, HBA

Since the August and September issues of PM came and went without any reference to our letter and without the necessary correction of the facts and the record, and since we had not heard from Mr. Meigs, we concluded that it had become a moot issue. So, in early October we wrote to Mr. Meigs:

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 21:30:46 -0400
From: Paulo and Alexandra Correa
To: James Meigs
Subject: Re: Re: Concerning your letter

Dear Mr. Meigs -

We suppose you have now had the time to familiarize yourself with the topic and have looked into the details of Jim Wilson's article on cold fusion, and have come to some conclusion, and that conclusion appears to be silence. Neither acceptance of our letter for publication, nor of extracts from it, nor a public self-correction to the offending article, nor even a retraction concerning the quote falsely attributed to Dr. Mallove. Not even a response to our Aug. 15th message. Just silence.

The consent of silence, no?

Paulo Correa, MSc, PhD
Alexandra Correa, HBA

We were wrong. And we were happy to be wrong - for as it turned out, Mr. Meigs had actually cleaned house:

Subject: Re: Re: Concerning your letter
To: Paulo and Alexarda Correa
From: James Meigs
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 22:38:54 -0400

Dear Paulo and Alexandra Correa:

Sorry for the slow response. Actually we did run a short excerpt from your letter on our letters page in the October 04 issue. We also included a reference to your website for those interested in learning more.

You should also be aware that the writer who wrote and edited that story is no longer associated with Popular Mechanics.

It is my aim for this magazine to live up to the highest standards of accuracy and clarity. And I certainly hope that any future articles we produce on cold fusion will reflect those standards.

Thank you again for bringing your concerns to my attention.


James Meigs
Editor in Chief

Here is a rare, very rare, honesty and integrity. James Meigs' actions put to shame the reaction of the Journal created by the injured party, Dr. Mallove. Now very visibly - one might almost say proudly - under its new management, Infinite Energy elected to put its comments on the Wilson article, among other short texts pertaining to diverse current events, into a rubric called "Eclectic Observer", which is said to be "compiled by IE staff" but for which nobody in particular admits authorship. This put IE in a very good position for not demanding of Wilson, or PM, any righting of the record - for indeed, such demands would be quite out-of-place in a mere "observation" that wasn't even authored, but, rather, merely "compiled". Instead, the IE article, in the fashion of a fly scouting a room, briefly alighted on various "observations" about the Wilson article, "observing", among other things, that Wilson generally treated cold fusion "as a credible science"; that certain comments attributed to "Gene Mallove" were most likely taken out of context (a point about which the unidentified "staff" says "we are fairly certain"); that some aspects of his presentation might have been ("to our knowledge") "exaggerated", as is attested by a quote from Steve Krivit quoting an unnamed "senior cold fusion scientist" and another quote from Scott Chubb; and that although "Gene" himself believed the "any press was good press", "most would prefer" it if Wison had not thusly exaggerated. In other words, far from making any attempt to address the obvious damage done to Dr. Mallove's reputation by way of certain of the gross inaccuracies attributed to him by the Wison article, the brave new IE sneaked into completely divesting itself of any such responsibility towards him or his reputation - as if the relationship between Dr. Mallove and IE achieved complete consummation through the fact that Dr. Mallove, in IE "compilations", could simply be referred to as "Gene", without standing on ceremony.

Yes, Mr. Meigs, yours was a rare act of courage. Not only did you clean shop, but you had the guts to publish part of our letter in the October issue of PM, while providing the URL to our site, where the full material resides.

But you went still further - for which we also take our hats off to you - and drew attention to the other side of the (sorry) cold-fusion disinformation story, by providing a link to Kowalski's feeble attempt to dissect the identity of "Dr. Correa" - to whose single-handed agency Kowalski for some reason attributes our letter - and his even more feeble attempt to discuss what Eugene Mallove might or not have said. And you provided, as well, an illustrative example of the predictably inane piping-in characteristic of pseudo-scientists hoping to cash in on a little attention, such as one Znidarsic - whom Gene pretty much abhorred.

Indeed, both sides were heard, even if PM did not issue a retraction of Wilson's statements, falsely attributed to Dr. Mallove. A well-balanced act for which you have our thanks.

We note that this sensationalistic use of cold fusion - and even of Space Energy, ZPE, Dark Energy, Aether, you name it! - is now indeed rampant in media and scientific circles. Few indeed seem capable of not indulging in it:

Washington, DC, Jul. 28 (UPI) -- Insider notes from United Press International for July 28:

Just in time to unsettle congressmen trying to digest the 9/11commission's final report, the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) has released a sobering assessment of the nation's vulnerability to a nuclear-initiated radiation attack. The commission's report notes that "a single nuclear weapon exploded at high altitude above the United States will interact with the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetic field to produce an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) radiating down to the Earth and additionally create electrical currents in the Earth," causing catastrophic damage to unhardened "electrical power systems, electronics, and information systems upon which American society depends."

(This is news?)

Raising anxiety levels even higher, the document goes on to speculate how terrorist groups and "rogue" states like North Korea and Iran currently have, or could soon acquire, the ballistic missile and nuclear capability to cause an explosion in the upper atmosphere or in space; and it concludes: "our current vulnerability invites attack."

That too, is presented as news. But consider what follows, for this is the real news value that Wilson, too, was attempting to mine:

Terrorists strapped for cash and lacking space capabilities might instead choose to build Flux Compression Generator weapons, which would produce a similar effect for around $400, according to an article in the September 2001 issue of Popular Mechanics, which helpfully provided a diagram. Its August issue front cover? "America's Worst Nightmare: Homebuilt H-bombs."

It's precisely because scientists have ceased to be held accountable for their work and inventions that they can now better play the military card to get funding for such spurious and exotic projects. Yes, that's the buzzword: exotic - like Flux Compression Generator or Dark Energy Bombs.

Even though, after more than three decades of looking for the massive Higgs field of the Dark Energy that supposedly permits mass to exist, physicists still have not found it, they pretend they can pack it into neat little bombs.

Wilson was just catalyzing the new craze - the imagined military potential of Cold Fusion and so-called Zero Point Energy weapons. Fortunately, we can thank nature that it has made itself well beyond the grasp and control of present day cold-fusioneers and the ideologues of ZPE. They'll never get anywhere. Dark Energy is not supermassive, but massfree. And Dark Massfree Energy is not the ZPE, but that which gives rise to it. Still, one should take note of the desire for these instruments of `Star Wars' on the part of precisely those who make up our intelligentsia, those in control of science, be it in the alternative fields, at the margins, or in the center, as official scientists. Margins and center thrive on these grandiose manic lies - on projections based on ridiculous theories - lacking even a shred of basic science. They are right on one thing, though - all the basic science they can take has been accomplished, and it is not they who can now add to it.

For our readers' amusement here follows the adventure of Shoulders and Sarfatti, who shall not be forgotten in their sincere wish to contribute their very own, very exotic bomb:

From: Doc Savage
Date: September 1, 2004 9:08:58 AM PDT
To: (Victor Martinez)
Subject: Re: Worldwide Exclusive: 'Dark Energy' bomb more powerful than thermonuke!

Information on Ken Shoulders

1. Long-time associate of Hal Puthoff. Both worked in US Intelligence Community for years.

2. Brilliant gadgeteer with small microwave devices holds several important patents.

3. Ken's opinions are taken seriously in the USG Defense Intelligence Community.

4. Pressure is mounting for Shoulders, Sarfatti and Puthoff to write a joint paper together showing conflicting models of the phenomenon.

Puthoff uses a model of Casimir's "Type II" in which there is a positive zero point energy pressure outside the thin shell of electrons and vanishing zero point pressure inside it. Sarfatti says Casimir made an error by assuming that the well known "dubya factor" (i.e. w = (pressure)/(energy density)) is +1/3, which it is for real photons propagating energy to infinity as electromagnetic radiation. Sarfatti objects that w = -1 for the virtual photons of the zero point vacuum fluctuations. That w = -1 for this case is well known to cosmologists working on the "dark energy" (e.g. Mike Turner's Op/Ed in April 2003 Physics Today). "w = -1 follows from Einstein's equivalence principle together with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Furthermore, boson statistics require a positive virtual photon energy density, therefore an equal and opposite negative virtual photon pressure. Virtual quanta are directly observable in their warping of spacetime. You cannot subtract them out. The pressure warps space-time three times more than the energy density.

It's for laughs, after all, just a virtual weapon that deforms spacetime. Sarfatti came up with it while watching some Star Trek Next Generation reruns and munching on veggie fries...

The negative pressure makes repulsive anti-gravity that is the 'Right Stuff' for weightless warp drives, wide wormholes and, unfortunately 'universe destroying' weird weapons." said Sarfatti. Sarfatti cited Sir Martin Rees's book "Our Final Hour" on this subject. Sarfatti's model is the mirror opposite of Puthoff's. "The zero point pressure is negative inside the thin shell of typically a trillion to ten thousand trillion electrons in the observed EVOs 10^-5 cm to 10^-5 meters across and is zero outside. Negative zero point pressure makes the vacuum like a spring and the electric repulsion does work against the vacuum to create a metastable EVO. The electrons make a bottle or container for the anti-gravity dark energy vacuum core of the EVO. Break the bottle to release the Dark Energy Genie as 'Cold Fusion'. Mike Turner wrote that it couldn't be done, apparently Ken Shoulders has done what was thought to be an impossible dream." says Sarfatti.

For further reading see August 2004 Popular Mechanics p. 77
The above article mentions the recent unsolved murder of Cold Fusion advocate Gene Mallove. And Moscow's PRAVDA

Nice and smooth, this scramble to cash in on the new disinformation wave - rather like a suppository. These are the same ZPE people who were going to develop the Casimir effect into an alternative energy system. The same people, too, that had derided to Gene Mallove, time and again, the value of Aetherometry, while admitting they hadn't bothered to familiarize themselves with its details nor to learn the facts about what Aetherometry does and does not teach. Details and facts? But of what possible use are details and facts when you cash in on the fear of terror and hype up ZPE theory to have it magically excrete a Dark Energy bomb? And why not pin that idiocy on Eugene too? The fact is, ZPE theories cannot to this day account for gravity, let alone anti-gravity.

We may as well also quote the following attachment, in which Shoulders' Electron Vallidum, EV, now becomes the fearless fighting EVO, the Exotic Vacuum Object that might yet save us from terrorists. It's all about savvy, hillbilly marketing:


"If done too fast with a large enough Exotic Vacuum Object this would be a powerful bomb - more powerful than thermonuclear" - Dr. Jack Sarfatti

(PRWEB) September 1, 2004 -- Experimentalist Ken Shoulders claims that electrons are behaving in ways thought to be impossible. A new and previously unknown force appears to be binding the electrons at short range into clusters of electron charge. Shoulders calls these clusters Exotic Vacuum Objects, or EVO's.

Shoulders describes this as "a short-range force resembling a positive charge negating the effect of repulsive electronic charge"

One of Ken Shoulder's latest papers suggests nefarious uses for charged cluster technology based on EVO's:

"The author can easily imagine a scenario where instructions are generated with enough clarity for about 1 person in 1,000 to perform the necessary operations to refine and store a gallon jug of electrons in the form of Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO's) ... there is no doubt that this jug would be light enough to carry and be highly sensitive to destabilization of a catastrophic nature..."

Ken Shoulders has recently collaborated on several papers with independent theoretical physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti, in San Francisco. Sarfatti suggests that his theory of exotic vacuum dark energy/dark matter can explain Shoulders' experimental data.

Although Sarfatti hopes for carefully controlled release of energy from the EVO's, both Sarfatti and Shoulders warn that rapid release of a large EVO would be explosive, perhaps more powerful than a thermonuclear device.

Contact Information:
Gary Bekkum
STARstream Research

There could hardly be a more eloquent reason to keep the real knowledge of the actual Aether from people such as these, who can find no better justification for their paltry existence and research than aspiring to produce something still more terrifying than a thermonuclear device.

Sarfatti and Shoulders are the Exotic Dancers of the alternative energy field. Give them a tune, and they'll bare more silicone than any other. You see, it's all plastic surgery. Wilson is in good company.

One last note - it would take a German, and a brave one, to write a summary of the events in the CF field and reference our controversy with Popular Mechanics:

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 13:15:33 +0200
From: Haiko Lietz
To: Michael McKubre, Peter Hagelstein, David J. Nagel,
       V. Violante, Akito Takahashi, John Dash,
       Dan Chicea, rhekman, frank.gordonl,
       Pam Boss, bdj10-cam, Akronos Publishing, T. Chubb
CC: Francesco Celani, Edmund Storms, Jean-Paul Biberian,
       wicollis, Peter Gluck, Armin Huke, Konrad Czerski,
       Steve Krivit, Jed Rothwell, Ludwik Kowalski
Subject: New article on LENR

Dear sources and researchers,

I've published a new article entitled "The return of Cold Fusion?" in the German online magazine Telepolis:


Largely shortened it is also available in English. It should describe the situation shortly before the expected result of the DoE review and ICCF11:


Additionally, in the German article I treat Dash/Chicea's uranium transmutation work in the context of the Popular Mechanics article. John Dash and Akito Takahashi have contributed important commentary. Gene Mallove's role in the Popular Mechanics article is explained and Correa's letter to PM is cited. Work on alteration of radioactivity by Tsvetkov and by Vysotskii et al. is mentioned.

Both articles end with a reference to ICCF11, where I hope to see you!

Best regards

Haiko Lietz

Courageous, Mr. Lietz, just as Mr. Meigs, too, was courageous! Even if Mr. Lietz's American counterparts, on the eve of ICCF-11, made sure the English translation of the German text had extirpated that link to the letter written by the Correas to PM. Well, then: let it stand here, in its original German:

In der gleichen Ausgabe findet sich auch ein Artikel zum Comeback der heißen Fusion. Hauptquelle des Artikels zur kalten Fusion ist Dr. Eugene Mallove, der 1991 die Fälschung von Experimentaldaten am MIT öffentlich gemacht hat. Mallove war einer der Hauptkämpfer für die kalte Fusion und Herausgeber des Magazins Infinite Energy, bis er am 14. Mai 2004 von Unbekannt umgebracht wurde. Laut Presseberichten könnte es einen Zusammenhang mit weiteren Morden und Raubdelikten geben. Die zuständige Polizei von Norwich, Connecticut, hat seit Anfrage weiterer Details vor gut drei Wochen und mehrmaliger Nachfrage noch nicht geantwortet.

Zu Lebzeiten ist Mallove davon ausgegangen, Popular Mechanics (PM - nicht zu verwechseln mit dem deutschen Magazin PM) wolle sachlich über das Forschungsgebiet berichten. Seine Freunde, die Experimentatoren Alexandra und Dr. Paulo Correa, zitieren in ihrem offenem Brief an den PM-Autor Jim Wilson eine Mitteilung Malloves drei Tage vor dessen Tod:

Gestern habe ich einen ganzen Tag mit Jim Wilson verbracht, dem Chefredakteur für Wissenschaft von Popular Mechanics, dem ehrwürdigen Magazin (erhältlich in 27 Ländern) mit einer geschätzten Auflage von 10.000.000 (...) Es sieht so aus, als würde Wilson vollkommen positiv im Sinn der aufkommenden Wissenschaft und Technologie berichten - inklusive der Transmutations-Phänomene, vielleicht auch der Radioaktivitäts-Änderungen, usw., und einer Schelte des US-Patentamts und des Betrugs am MIT.

Die Correas werfen Jim Wilson vor, Mallove posthum benutzt zu haben und das Gerücht zu verbreiten, durch kalte Fusion ließen sich Atomwaffen herstellen. Malloves größter Widersacher, Dr. Robert Park von der American Physical Society, der bis heute bestreitet, eine Kernfusion bei Raumtemperatur sei möglich, reagierte in seiner Kolumne auf die PM-Geschichte, er hätte Mallove für einen Kommentar nicht erreichen können. Was sind die Fakten abseits dieser Geschmacklosigkeit?