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ABRI Monographs

Series 2 - Biophysics Research


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    Volume 2B



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Author and Title


AS2-15 Correa, P & Correa, A (1999, 2001)
The aetherometric approach to solving the problem of magnetism
  (US$20 / $16 ISFA)          VIEW  (1.1 MB)          ABSTRACT
AS2-16 Correa, P & Correa, A (1999, 2001)
Aetherometric treatment of the energy radiation output by Tesla coils, Part 3:
Primary massfree electric-and-magnetic waves,
secondary massbound capacito-inductive waves, and
tertiary electromagnetic waves
  (US$35 / $28 ISFA)          VIEW  (2.1 MB)          ABSTRACT
AS2-17A Correa, P & Correa, A (1999, 2001)
The indirect 'orgone effect' of Tesla radiation:
ambipolar aether and blackbody radiation spectra
  (US$35 / $28 ISFA)          VIEW  (1.4 MB)          ABSTRACT
AS2-17B Correa, P & Correa, A (2000)
Determination of the OR and DOR energies, frequencies and wavelengths
driving the atmospheric allotropic cycle of oxygen, ozone and water
  (US$25 / $20 ISFA)          VIEW  (2.0 MB)          ABSTRACT
AS2-17C Correa, P & Correa, A (2000)
The cosmic background microwave radiation as evidence
for cosmological creation of electrons with minimum kinetic energy
and for a minimum of cosmic ambipolar massfree energy
  (US$35 / $28 ISFA)          VIEW  (1.8 MB)          ABSTRACT