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ABRI Monographs

Series 3 - Aetherometric Theory

The Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity (AToS)
Volume I - Interferometric Aetherometry


  AS3-I.1   Correa, P & Correa, A (2001)
Consequences of the null result of the Michelson-Morley experiment:
the demise of the stationary aether, the rise of Special Relativity,
and the heuristic concept of the photon
First published in Infinite Energy #38
      46 pp.

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  AS3-I.2   Correa, P & Correa, A (2001)
The Sagnac and Michelson-Gale-Pearson experiments:
the tribulations of General Relativity with respect to rotation
First published in Infinite Energy #39
      42 pp.

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  AS3-I.3   Correa, P & Correa, A (2001-2008)
Linear and angular light Doppler shifts and the Sagnac experiment:
Aetherometry vs. Relativity (1)
      45 pp.

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  AS3-I.4   Correa P, Correa A, Askanas M, Gryziecki G, Sola-Soler J (2007-2008)
A test of Aetherometry vs Relativity, Special and Larmor-Lorentz:
The 1938 Ives-Stilwell experiment -
Aetherometry vs. Relativity (2)
      28 pp.

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  AS3-I.5   Correa, A & Askanas, M (2008-2009)
Death by peer-review:
Analysis of the 1938 Ives-Stilwell experiment as a sociological test
of the legitimacy of so-called "peer review" in mainstream scientific publications
      24 pp.

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  AS3-I.6   Correa, P & Correa, A (2008)
The Silvertooth experiment as a confirmation of the aetherometric
galactic compression flux
26 pp.    Price: $25 / $20 ISFA

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  AS3-I.7   Correa, P (2001-2008)
A note on Dayton Miller's supposed discovery of Aether drift
      16 pp.

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