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ABRI Monographs

Series 3 - Aetherometric Theory

The Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity (AToS)
Volume VII - The Solar System


      Introduction and Table of Contents     (20 pages, 150 kB)
Front Cover     (24 MB)

  AS3-VII.1   Correa, P & Correa, A (2023)
The Swing, the Wake and the Spin: Of Gravitational Cycloidal Waves and Gravitons

76 pp.    Price: $40, includes Monograph AS3-VII.2

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  AS3-VII.2   Correa, P & Correa, A (2023)
The Bradley Aberration Revisited

      20 pp.    Price: Included in purchase of Monograph AS3-VII.1

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  AS3-VII.3   Correa, P & Correa, A (2023)
Kepler's Problem and the Problems with the Keplerian

54 pp.    Price: $40

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