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Homage to a Peerless Friend

June, 2004


I am quite convinced now that CF will never be explained by standard quantum mechanics and relativity -- and those are precisely the two theories on which 99.99% of cold fusion theorists rely. Thus, cold fusion has a BIG problem. It cannot explain what BlackLight power is seeing and it cannot explain what the Correas, Tesla, and Reich see and saw.

Dr. E. Mallove to Steve Krivit, 8/7/03

Please get used to the idea that Infinite Energy will be increasingly exploring the relationship of other anomalous physics phenomena and will be attempting to relate them more directly to LENR. I have done quite a bit of that already. I view it is a service to the field.

Dr. E Mallove to Edmund Storms, 29/3/04

All particles are made of Aether, they are not little hard things, they are - the things that we call particles today, electrons and protons and so forth - nothing but special geometries of the massfree Aether that are in a form that makes them have an inertial quality -- in other words, makes them have mass. (...) Some people have called the [vacuum] energy (...) zero-point energy. I don't believe that that theory, the zero-point energy theory, is the proper Aether theory.

Dr. E Mallove on the G. Noory show, 2/2/04

The energy source is: 1. Not LENR or cold fusion reactions; 2. Not capture of sensible heat from the environment; 3. Not Puthoff et al's "ZPE"; 3. Not Mills' hydrinos; 4. Not from "dark energy" or "dark matter". It is ultimately from massfree aether (the non-inertial "substance" from which all inertial matter -- and all electric "charge" -- ultimately derives and is composed). In order to study this energy source, once must carefully resolve the very real anomalies that have been described by the Correas (building on the work of Wilhelm Reich) (...).

Dr. E. Mallove in an open letter to scientists and the public, 11/4/03

Modern thinkers considered it unnecessary to perceive reality and modern physicists considered it unnecessary to think.

A. Rand, Atlas Shrugged

This is undoubtedly the most difficult piece of writing we have ever had to compose. We simply cannot adequately express in words the loss we mourn of an extraordinary man who was our very dear friend, collaborator, co-worker, accomplice in intellectual and scientific combat and fellow scientist.

The many moods of Gene in investigation.
Here, laughing and joking with Paulo
in our lab, Nov 2001

A beautiful family has lost their tender, generous and dedicated father and husband in the most brutal manner imaginable. Modern-day America has lost the brightest, most courageous and open-minded physicist it had. The State of New Hampshire has lost one of its foremost citizens, a guiding libertarian and a courageously combative spirit. The State of Connecticut - and the town of Norwich in particular - has lost one of its most illustrious children, a passionate opponent of unbridled development and land speculators. The State of Israel lost its most disinterested defender, one who - to no avail and despite so much wealthy Jewish-American capital vowing to help make Israel independent from the politics of Arab oil - ceaselessly attempted to provide it with the hope and means to achieve energy self-sufficiency. MIT, his alma mater, has lost one of its best and most honest pupils, a man who sacrificed his own career and supposed best interests for the sake of scientific facts and personal integrity. The cause of low- energy nuclear fusion has lost its most ardent champion, one so dedicated that he never gave up the fight wherever it led. Serious researchers in alternative energy sources have lost their bulwark, their defender and promoter - one who worked tirelessly to separate the wheat from the chaff, actual science from good faith error or dissimulated fakery. This journal lost its living soul, the well of its infinite energy, its creator and animator. The science of the New Aether lost its greatest friend - one of the only scientists that gave serious consideration to 'vacuum' energy and managed to NOT reduce it to the tired mainstream notions of a ZPE.

And we lost our dearest friend, our collaborator and ally in the aetherometric project, who reviewed all our writings and was privy to all its secrets, the only physicist sufficiently trustworthy to be introduced to the innards of our Aether/Orgone Motor.

Carefully examining
the Aether Motor

A couple of years back - and again last summer - Gene told us of the two events that - in his life as a scientist and in his deep bond of friendship with us - had marked him the most. They are also two of the memories we cherish the most. The first was the occasion when Paulo made his acquaintance. It was at the 1996 Denver conference - when Paulo gave, at the request of Stepan Marinov, and in the presence of Harold Aspden, an ad hoc mini-presentation of our lecture in a room adjoining the main hall. Marinov could not believe that our work effectively disproved his own theory of electrodynamics and instead confirmed Aspden's 1969 model. Hearing the heated argument, Gene stepped in and asked for yet another replay. His enthusiasm that day led to the first issue (#7) that IE dedicated to our work. It was with glee that, last year when we were in New Hampshire to visit him, he showed us the giant poster he had made of that IE cover which he had hung on the wall to the right of his office desk, stating that it gave him satisfaction to know we were, since that day, "always there" with him. And we too, for so many years now had come to feel that no matter what we did, where our work led, or when there were strategic decisions to be made in our lives and work, Gene was always here with us.

The second event, Gene recounted, was the day he first saw the Aether/Orgone Motor in action in our ABRI laboratory - an occasion that was repeated three times more over the next few years. He told us of the deep satisfaction it gave him that he now knew for certain that what he had been looking for all of his life was no longer just a certainty, but a reality. This prompted him to learn about W. Reich and N. Tesla, and his enthusiasm was so contagious, and his indebtedness to his benefactors so deep, that he asked us whether he could invite his main sponsors to witness it - one who could not attend, apparently for health reasons, and another who, along with a colleague, witnessed it some time later.

Taking apart
the Orgone Accumulators

A year ago we reminisced together about these two memories, now engraved forever in our hearts. Gene had bought a large screen display, and recounted to us how he and his wife Joanne had watched with joy the video that we had prepared for Aethera at his request. Gene's nimble intelligence and generous heart, his complete open mindness, were so gratifying to us that we had, by then, revealed to him the innards of that Aether Motor - something we have never done for any other human being or any other scientist that has witnessed our demonstrations. That is just how special Gene was to us. Those who have watched the Aethera video will well remember his high-spirited reaction at finding out that the transmission of massfree electricity by body contact gave rise to the curious sensations of tickling and prickling. It was such a delight to hear his excitement and wit, that even now its memory obfuscates the grievous pain and anger that his untimely death has caused in us. When, after so many attempts to find a serious sponsor for our work, we came upon a candidate who had the same name as the leader of the pack in the last of the Planet of the Apes, on the same day that he had watched it, Gene cracked that, in this case, there wasn't even a need for trying. When he took us to eat lox and cream cheese at the "Einstein Bros Bagels", in Concord, NH, he joked something to the effect that - "this is what happened to Albert when he realized relativity had failed".

We are now in a remote place, contemplating John Galt's decision (see Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged) to stop the motor of the world by way of a brain strike - alone with our thoughts, our memories, our sadness and anger, contemplating a vast crystalline sea, in search of what Gene called 'a bit of paradise' that he had wanted us to find so that he and Joanne could come and spend some much needed quiet time with us. Gene's excitement with the thought that, despite all failed attempts at finding sponsors, we would still rebuild ABRI from the ground up as a community of scientists, artists and thinkers, is still with us. We fear that, with the loss of Gene, this will now never happen. But if, by an unexpected quirk of fate, it does, then it will be because somehow we will have found, once again, what he called 'the Grand Mallovian Spirit' on this sorely tried planet.

Pensive and attentive while testing
the Biophysical Field Meter

Rumors have always, it seems, circulated that Gene had some commercial arrangement with us. Nothing could be further from the truth. This dear friend traveled all over this continent on educational missions and in search of sponsors for our work at Labofex and then at ABRI. He took upon himself to learn the new physics of the massfree Aether, became a member of ISFA and moved on to study our unpublished work in nanobiology and oncology. He never asked a penny in return, never hesitated to spend his own funds in his search, no matter how difficult it was at times for him. And it was. He was willing to contemplate taking up the selling of real estate, or teaching as he had once done, or even serving tables - as he sometimes threatened - if only he could continue to search for sponsors for our work and for his newly formed NEF. Gene's overriding scientific interest is only too often subsumed under the rubric of cold fusion, or grossly reduced to it. Nothing could be further from the truth. He had concluded, in fact, that a solution to the energy problem could only come from an understanding of Aether science and technology, such as we have proposed; that this alone could shed light on the problem of 'cold fusion' and lead not just to a resolution of the impasse the latter is in, but well beyond it, to other power technologies that did not employ nuclear processes, such as he witnessed time and again in our laboratories. Thanks to Gene's determination, we are proud that we can no longer claim to have never been sponsored by anyone - for this past April we received from NEF, the first and only grant that our work at ABRI has ever received (and not at Labofex, as was mistakenly reported), for our study of the alteration of the half-life of beta emitters. Gene so much wanted to have been the one presenting it at the upcoming ICCF-11 in Marseilles. His support for our work cost him many false friends and provoked countless attacks by lesser scientists and muckrakers from many quarters, yet he never once wavered. A good fight, said Gene, always made him stronger. Our indebtedness to this extraordinary human being is so great as to defy reason and sensibility. Neither the incalculable contributions made by Gene and by Dr. Rui Silva, Uri Soudak and Dr. Malgosia Askanas, nor our gratitude to these dear friends can be measured or described in words. They have made it all worthwhile, both the good and the bad. And for as long as we shall live, Gene will be in our hearts.

Despite all of Gene's efforts, our own efforts and those of our friends, we have not, in over twelve years of searching, found a single intelligent, committed sponsor. We suspect that the truth is that which Ayn Rand described so aptly in The Fountainhead:

The first campaign of the Banner was an appeal for money for a charitable cause. Displayed side by side, with an equal amount of space, the Banner ran two stories: one about a struggling young scientist, starving in a garret, working on a great invention; the other about a chambermaid, the sweetheart of an executed murderer, awaiting the birth of her illegitimate child. One story was illustrated with scientific diagrams; the other - with the picture of a loose-mouthed girl wearing a tragic expression and disarranged clothes. The Banner asked its readers to help both these unfortunates. It received nine dollars and forty-five cents for the young scientist; it received one thousand and seventy-seven dollars for the unwed mother. Gail Wynand called a meeting of his staff. He put down on the table the paper carrying both stories and the money collected for both funds. "Is there anyone here who doesn't understand?" he asked. No one answered. He said: "Now you all know the kind of paper the Banner is to be".
And now we know how shockingly clear Rand's insights were in this respect. Gene was perhaps the only publisher/editor of an eclectic technical and scientific journal who refused this pervasive logic of populism, never allowing Infinite Energy to become either a peer-reviewed dead-and-dried journal nor a popular magazine - Banner-style - that would feed on sensationalism and pseudo-sociological claptrap. And though his tireless efforts to obtain needed funding seldom paid off, he never stopped trying - any more than he evaded the political nature of the funding problem encountered by forefront scientific research in alternative energy sources:

Seriously, money is indeed a choking point. I don't want to be crass about it and say: look, send money, this will solve the problem. We still have issues that won't be solved, but believe me, these cold fusion researchers, and the Blacklight Power Corporations of the world, and the vacuum-energy people that I'd like to talk about soon, the Correas in Canada -- Toronto, Canada -- they're basically starving for money for the kind of work that could take us rather quickly, in many cases, particularly in the vacuum-energy area, from no visibility to extreme visibility. (...) That's why, my good friends, we need -- for the New Energy Foundation, and for many other people -- we need the research funds. That's the choke-point. You cannot expect this work to go ahead for free. It won't happen. It just will not happen. And I know that the New Age people and the groupies -- of many of your other wonderful programs -- may think that this is just gonna happen by osmosis and the reason it's not happening is because there must be something wrong with the theories and the experiments. Not true. There is nothing wrong with the theories and the experiments. But there is everything wrong with the fact that there isn't enough money in this field, and the new Energy Foundation hopes to change that.

(Dr. E Mallove on the G. Noory show, last February)

For the past 15 years, Gene single-handedly drove a relentless combat against the hot fusion establishment, against the murderous politics of oil and against the fears and pettiness of conservative physicists in the CF/LENR field. From his courageous exposure of the lies at MIT in the early days of cold fusion, to the inception of IE with his dear friend Chris Tinsley, to his commitment to Aetherometry and the creation of NEF, Gene sacrificed, much too much - his own health included. Very few know just how much - but always he struck forward with a contagious joy and an irrepressible wit. Many who owed him unconditional support over the years failed to rise to the occasion of his battles. They are the dust that shall be forgotten when the achievements of this great man will one day come to full fruition.

We would like to finish this tribute to an irreplaceable pioneer, with the words Gene wrote to us and Uri and Malgosia in his antepenultimate letter, four days before his death -

I believe it is WONDERFUL that the Aether Motor patent has issued! Please do nothing to change that... There may be some other good things over the horizon. We cannot know the future. We need to preserve all the options we have. Let me just say that I am so greatly privileged to have dear friends and brilliant colleagues such as you all are. Life is an extraordinary adventure -- both terribly painful and also filled with beauty...
Good wishes and love to all."
Dear Gene, the privilege was ours. It was our profound joy to have known you.

Alexandra and Paulo


First published in Infinite Energy #56:18, 2004.