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May 14, 2005


" 'There is a huge shiny diamond lying on the street and hundreds of people are walking past it, why has no one picked it up?' As you know, not everything that is truly good and of great potential value to civilization is given proper and sufficient support - or even polite recognition. In fact, to the contrary: the history of science is filled with discoveries that even after they were made were rejected for many years by arrogant and stupid people. That is the rule rather than the exception." (Eugene Mallove, Feb. 26, 2004)


[Eugene mallove in Rangeley]
Dr. Eugene Mallove at Orgonon, Rangeley, ME, August 2001
One year. One year of darkness. At the edge of this darkness, the gates to a Heaven all-too-made on Earth. One year of folly and forgetfulness, at the edge of still worsening wars, and even greater arrogance and stupidity.

A brutal murder that should have raised hell all across what was once Whitman's land of the free - but now, after so many lies, meets only a growing silence. And not even one of shame! An unsolved murder and an inactive investigation. No FBI involvement. No national media coverage. Why?

But your life, your friendship and your combat shall not be forgotten. It's unceasingly sung in the exuberant cries of birds, sung by the rolling waves and the gentle breeze, loyal like the love of the Sun for this Earth, like the coyotes one can still hear howling in the distance.

It is remembered, dear friend. Your laughter still rings in our hearts. We shall not forget!


"Sometimes you realize
that there is an end to life.
Yesterday I heard them say
a hero's blown away.
And it's so hard to lose
someone who's close to you.
Oh me, I did not see
the danger every day.
But music's something in the air,
so he can play it anywhere.
Old records never die.
Get your healing from a song,
just when everything goes wrong.
Play it right
through the night
till morning brings you light.
And if some folk laugh at you
Let 'em all laugh they never knew.
Oh all those scenes, to me it seems
some folk never dream.
On the wind, I feel a force
a rebel with some other cause."

(Ian Hunter, Old Records Never Die)


All our threads are so fragile and tenuous - spider webs glistening in the morning dew. To which you once answered (Oct. 26, 2003):

"That is what life is all about -- fragility -- and what we can accomplish against it."

There could be no better definition of a warrior's combat, until the last dance.

"This is the site of your last stand. You will die here no matter where you are. Every warrior has a place to die. A place of his predilection which is soaked with unforgetable memories, where powerful events left their mark, a place where he has witnessed marvels, where secrets have been revealed to him, a place where he has stored his personal power". (Carlos Castañeda)



[In Memory of Eugene Mallove]