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Please Submit Your Work for Publication

If you have work you would like to see published, and this is original work in science, philosophy, fiction or art, we may well be your publisher!

Our fields of interest are both wide and narrow. If you are a scientist, in particular a young researcher, you should know that we will give full consideration to any submission in Aetherometry, but just as well contributions in other areas - for example, Relativity, Gravity, Electrodynamics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Biological Sciences, Medicine, etc. - or pertaining to the work of scientists such as N. Tesla, A. Einstein, L. de Broglie, A. Whitehead, W. Reich, R. Thom, H. Aspden. We also publish work in Philosophy, History, Fiction and the Politics of Science, with a special interest on B. Spinoza, F. Nietzsche, H. Bergson and G. Deleuze.

We will not accept submissions representing party-lines. Those can go to where they already go at present - corporate and State-financed publications, and the peer-reviewed organs of Official Science. We will not accept pseudo-scientific submissions - these, too, have venues in the marginal markets of sensationalism, New Age and New Everything, including energy movements.

But we promise to review every serious submissions fairly and openly, with no anonymity, and with written feedback.

If you would like us to publish your book, our policy is exactly the same. Contact us for terms and negotiations.

Please send all your submissions and inquiries re book publications to  editor@aetherometry.com.

Ask about our policy on copyrights.