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Created in July 2003


Please note that we are no longer accepting new applications for membershio in ISFA. The following text is presented as a historic record of the ideas motivating the creation of the Society.




Akronos Publishing is part of an ongoing effort to support the continuation of the research efforts of Dr. Paulo and Alexandra Correa and the Aurora Biophysics Research Institute in basic physics and biology. Without the support of hundreds of readers, Akronos would not be a viable project, nor would it contribute effectively to the work of ABRI. Neither Akronos nor ABRI purports to sell you the last word, the salvation of humanity or of the world - or any other substitute for solid scientific investigation. Rather, their common intent is to bring you some of the best and most challenging theoretical and experimental research in alternative power-generating technologies, in antigravitational and thermodynamic physics, in cellular, molecular and submolecular biology, and to do so without evading the thorns of the politics and philosophy of science in particular, and of knowledge in general.

Most information and communication media, whether in electronic or hardcopy form, are only made possible through corporate or governmental sponsorship. Akronos Publishing pays a heavy price for its refusal to be a subsidized medium for the advertising of interests foreign to science and, if it were not for the voluntary contributions of most of its workers, it simply would not exist.

At the same time, both ABRI and Akronos recognize that some of this knowledge makes inevitable demands on the ethos of anyone who seeks it. Not everyone is prepared to understand what Aether energy is or how it might be used for both benign and malignant purposes. As we continue to make this knowledge publicly available, we are intent on addressing our collective efforts to those who are prepared to understand and want to understand, and who are willing to make a commitment to actively support the aetherometric project and its expansion.

To this end, Akronos and ABRI have created an International Society of Friends of Aetherometry (ISFA). ISFA strives to provide the conditions for responsible release of forefront scientific information, while seeking the widest possible dissemination of Aetherometry. Its target is ultimately an educational one: from the creation of a forum of well-prepared researchers ('aetherometrists') that may continue this fundamental work without shrinking from its social and psychiatric implications, to the planning of the First International Conference in Aetherometry and the creation of an openly-reviewed electronic journal dedicated to the contributions of ISFA members.



A number of Akronos publications concern subject matters that demand responsible release of information. Consequently, some of this material is only accessible to ISFA members. Examples are selected monographs of the Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity (AToS) volume dedicated to the massfree Gravitational Aether, and the planned Akronos publications on nuclear and subnuclear interactions. In addition, Akronos Publishing has created on its website an ISFA-restricted domain of information, publication and communication resources encompassing release of other select forefront and sensitive materials from the research of ABRI and its Friends.

Members are also able to participate in ISFA discussion forums and online seminars in basic aetherometric physics and biology. One of the first ISFA initiatives was the creation of the online Aetherometry Study Group (ASG), a discussion forum to which all members are cordially invited to subscribe.

Members also benefit from a 20% (or more) discount on all for-sale monographs, whether in electronic or hardcopy format, special discounts on other Akronos products (such as books and DVDs), and free access to all articles in all the currently published Akronos journals.



We no longer accept new ISFA membership applications.