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ISSN: 1920-3799

Journal of Biophysics, Hematology and Oncology, Volume 1

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Author and Title




  1 Jan 24 10 JBHO01-01-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
Wilhelm Reich's Claim of the Heterogenesis
of Eukaryotic Amoebae
17 abst  
  2 Feb 24 10 JBHO01-02-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
The PA & SAPA Bion Experiments
and Proto-Prokaryotic Biopoiesis
49 abst  
  3 Mar 24 10 JBHO01-03-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
The Orgonomic Theory of Cancer
41 abst  
  4 Apr 24 10 JBHO01-04-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
Viral and Nonviral Oncogene Theories of Cancer
79 abst  
  5 May 24 10 JBHO01-05-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
A Unitarian Biochemical and Bioenergetic
Theory of Adaptive Oncogenesis:
from hypoxia and energy starvation (aerobic and ambipolar)
to the roles of HIF-1, IGF-I, and Vitamins C and D
93 abst  
6 Jun 30 10 JBHO01-06-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
Anemia, Polycythemia and Leukemia (1):
molecular biology and functional interrelationships
of hematologic disorders
165 abst isfa