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ISSN: 1918-4484

Journal of Science and the Politics of Thought, Volume 1

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Author and Title




  1 Nov 03 08 JSPT01-01-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
Whither Science? - Science and what Has Become of its Method (1):
Origins of Science and Official Science
22 abst  
  2 Dec 12 09 JSPT01-02-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
Whither Science? - A Science without Origins:
Nomad, Minor Science and the Scientific Method (2)
49 abst  
  3 Dec 26 12 JSPT01-03-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
Aetherometric view of Biocentrism
- Microfunctionalist perspectives of Life and Aether
10 abst