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Topics Related to Gilles Deleuze in Akronos Publications

Anti-Psychiatry Enc.Nomadica Entry2002 ABRI ConversationsSpecter of Reich 
Biographic Enc.Nomadica Entry 
Body Without Organs AS1-08 
Appreciation of Reich Specter of ReichAS1-05 
Desire AS1-05Enc.Nomadica Entry2002 ABRI Conversations 
Eternal Recurrence
     as Selective Thought
Fascism AS1-05AS1-06AS1-07 
Forces, Active & Reactive AS1-02 
Folding AS1-08Why Speak of an Aether? 
     Molar and Molecular
AS1-08On Wishful Thinking 
Leftism AS1-062002 ABRI Conversations 
Libidinal Economy AS1-052002 ABRI Conversations 
Machines, Desiring
     and Technical
AS1-05AS1-08Enc.Nomadica EntryNano. Functions of Bioenergy 
Multiplicities, Qualitative
     and Quantitative
AS1-01AS1-02AS1-04AS1-05AS1-08Enc.Nomadica EntryOn Wishful ThinkingComments on Aether&RelativityNano. Functions of Bioenergy 
Nietzsche AS1-02AS1-072002 ABRI Conversations 
Power (Potestas/Puissance) AS1-05AS1-06 
Regimes of Desire,
     Molar and Molecular
Repression AS1-05Enc.Nomadica Entry 
Science, Specificity of AS1-01AS1-02Enc.Nomadica EntryOn Wishful Thinking 
the State/Nomadism/War AS1-07PP5 Taken to TaskEnc.Nomadica Entry 
Syntheses of Desire AS1-05AS1-08 
Will to Power AS1-02AS1-05