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Links of Interest

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Akronos Publishing (publisher of Aetherometry materials)

Aurora Biophysics Research Institute (ABRI)

MassFree Technology

Encyclopedia Nomadica



Dr. Harold Aspden's site

Plasma Cosmology

Debunking Global Warming:

Biology (cellular, molecular and submolecular)

Dr. Peter Duesberg's site
See also www.duesberg.com

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Dr. Albert Lehninger:


Dr. Malgosia Askanas' article on Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems

René Thom & Catastrophe Theory:

Biography in French

Biography in English

Contributions to Geometry


The archives of the Spoon Collective's philosophy lists

Gilles Deleuze in Encyclopedia Nomadica

Richard Pinhas' Web Deleuze and selection of Deleuze's lectures, seminars, interviews

Christopher Hitchens Web

What is Fascism? by Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa

History of the Jewish Holocaust

Holocaust Encyclopedia

Extensive Italian website

Aktion Reinhard Camps

History of the Sinti & Romani (Gypsy) Holocaust 1939-1945

Holocaust Encyclopedia

The Roma genocide in the Czech republic

A genocide that hasn't quite stopped

Darfur Genocide

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Caroline Glick

Selection of her articles from the Jerusalem Post

Matthias Küntzel


Islamic Antisemitism And Its Nazi Roots

Ahmadinejad's World