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AKRONOS Publishing


Akronos Publishing, located in Concord, Ontario, Canada, is a small, independent publisher of books, electronic publications, AV media and graphic arts. Our business is not book-selling, but educating the public by disseminating high-quality publications that could never have seen the light of day in the peer-reviewed publications or at the hands of the dominant publishing consortia.

Our main thrust is to publish original works in Science, Philosophy and the Politics of Science, in particular works that present an alternative to established canons and dogmas, or are effectively critical of the latter. Accordingly, we've focused on the long-term publication of the work of the Correas in developing their science of the Aether, or Aetherometry, as well as their work in plasma physics and medical biophysics. The same focus also governs our choices in publishing related work of other scientists and thinkers (H. Aspden, E. Mallove, W. Tiller, M. Askanas), as well as original contributions, scholarly or otherwise, on Science, Philosophy and pertinent controversies. We welcome original submissions to our Review Board.

We do not claim to be a publisher without preferences or 'bias'. Much of what passes for critical thought and is readily accessible would probably not meet our standards. Our thrust is minoritary, not by design but by force of facts. The material we publish is not 'sexy', 'sensational' or 'easily digested'. We have opted not to be subsidized by any State, government, political party, church or corporate group, in order to keep our independence and remain exempt from interests that are foreign to the thrust of our publishing efforts. We do not run ads on our site, and have no commercial policy on links. Our survival depends entirely on our own means and the desire of the public to read what we bring forth and to support our endeavours.

Our entire operation is run by volunteers - from answering e-mail to running the mail room, from the editorial board to the secretarial help. If it were not for these volunteers and all those who, through the years, have generously given us the means to continue, we would not exist, nor would the work of the Correas in Aetherometry ever be published. We are not a profit-making proposition capable of sustaining itself. So we need your support. Please help us out!


Akronos Publishing Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Malgosia Askanas

January 2008