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The central - though not exclusive - focus of this website is to present, in electronic format, the experimental and theoretical foundations of the new science of Aetherometry, or the Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity (AToS). The core of this presentation is a series of monographs by Paulo and Alexandra Correa, which unfold the aetherometric work of the Aurora Biophysics Research Institute (ABRI). We also present some of the earlier monographs of the Correas pertaining to their work at the Labofex Experimental and Applied Plasma Physics Laboratory centered around the phenomenon of the autogenously pulsed abnormal glow discharge (PAGD), as well as other related documents.

The publisher of these electronic documents, as they appear on this website, is AKRONOS Publishing.

The scientific and philosophical monographs made available on this site are not written for everybody. They are intended for readers who have a minimum of scientific, technical and philosophical experience, and who can, and do, think and discern for themselves. In the Experimental Aetherometry series, the titles are organized in such a way that the most advisable manner in which to proceed with reading the publications is consecutive progression through those titles. This recommendation is pertinent because the authors elaborate novel physical and mathematical concepts in a stepwise fashion. This does not mean the titles cannot be read back and forth; but the overall material only makes good sense when first read sequentially.

There are two types of texts which appear on this website: documents which are in HTML format -- i.e. "straight" web pages -- and monographs, all of which are in PDF format and need to be read using the Acrobat PDF Reader. The monographs, in turn, fall into two further categories: those which can be viewed and downloaded without charge, and those which are for sale and need to be ordered and paid for before they can be viewed or downloaded. Many of the free monographs and all of those which are for sale require an access ID and password. In the case of the free monographs, you will get an ID and password immediately when you first attempt to view any of them. This ID and password will work for all the free monographs, and you can reuse them as many times as you wish. They will not work for the monographs which are for sale. In the case of any monograph in the for-sale category, you will first have to order it from us, and we will enable your access within a few days after we have received your payment. At this time you will receive an email which will either contain an ID and password that permit you to access the document, or, if you have previously received an ID and password for any of the for-sale documents, will notify you that this same ID/password combination can now be used for the newly-ordered monograph. Once you receive an ID/password combination for any of the for-sale monographs, that combination will also work for the free publications.

The way to view or order any of the monographs presented on this web site is by clicking the "View" or "Order" buttons on the Catalog pages or Abstracts pages. If you have any difficulties, you may also want to consult the Systems Requirements page, and/or the "help" document for the ordering system, which you can access by clicking the "help" button on any of the ordering-system pages.



The AKRONOS Webmaster would like to thank Erik Bosrup for his excellent overLIB JavaScript library, which is being used on this website.