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ISSN: 1915-8408

Journal of Aetherometric Research, Volume 1

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Author and Title




  1 Aug 16 04 JAR01-01-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
A short appreciation of Nikola Tesla
3 abst  
      JAR01-01-02 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
Contrast and comparison between the Papp engine
and the PAGDTM/XS NRGTM Technologies
5 abst  
      JAR01-01-03 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
The myths of Orgone-charged Vacor tubes
9 abst  
  2 Dec 16 04 JAR01-02-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
What is Dark Energy (what is, and is not, Dark Massfree Energy)
18 abst  
  3 Dec 25 04 JAR01-03-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
The 'Correa Solution' to the 'Cold-Fusion' enigma:
the 2004 DoE Report on the submitted Cold Fusion Review,
and the generation of anomalous heat in Table-top Fusion Reactors
19 abst  
  4 Nov 27 05 JAR01-04-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
A note on the law of electrodynamics
24 abst  
  5 Nov 12 05 JAR01-05-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
'Global Warming': An Official Pseudoscience
58 abst  
  6 May 02 06 JAR01-06-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
A running commentary on Einstein's Aether and the Theory of Relativity
21 abst  
  7 Jul 30 06 JAR01-07-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
50 years after the death of Wilhelm Reich
11 abst  
  8 May 07 07 JAR01-08-01 Correa, PN & Correa, AN
The fascist legacy of futurism or, to be done with UFOlogy
14 abst  

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