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Akronos Publications in Biology, Biochemistry
& Medical Biophysics

Aerobic Metabolism Unitarian Theory of Oncogenesis 
Alzheimer's Disease Biology of Copper 
Anemia Anemia&Polycythemia&LeukemiaWork of Correa&Axelrad 
ATP Nano. Functions of BioenergyAS2-28 
Autopoiesis Nano. Functions of Bioenergy 
Bioelectricity [see Bioenergy] 
Bioenergy & Bioenergetics AS2-28Nano. Functions of BioenergyVacor Tube MythsAS2-04Unitarian Theory of Oncogenesis 
Biogenesis Nano. Functions of BioenergyHeterogen.of Eukar.AmoebaeProto-Prokaryotic Biopoiesis 
Copper, Biological Effects of Biology of Copper 
DNA Structure Nano. Functions of Bioenergy 
Erythropoiesis Oncogene Theories of CancerAnemia&Polycythemia&LeukemiaWork of Correa&Axelrad 
Erythropoietin Unitarian Theory of OncogenesisWork of Correa&Axelrad 
Evolution Heterogen.of Eukar.Amoebae 
Glycolytic Metabolism Nano. Functions of Bioenergy 
Hemoglobin Nano. Functions of BioenergyAS2-28 
Hemopoiesis Oncogene Theories of CancerUnitarian Theory of OncogenesisWork of Correa&Axelrad 
Lactate Unitarian Theory of Oncogenesis 
Leukemia [see separate Oncology page] 
Microbiology Proto-Prokaryotic BiopoiesisReich's Theory of Cancer 
Nanobiology Nano. Functions of BioenergyEnc.Nomadica Aetherom.Biology 
Oncology [see separate page] 
Pineal Gland AS2-33AS3-II.12 
Polycythemia Vera Anemia&Polycythemia&LeukemiaWork of Correa&Axelrad 
Protozoology Heterogen.of Eukar.Amoebae 
Respiratory Metabolism Nano. Functions of BioenergyBiology of Copper 
Virology Oncogene Theories of Cancer 
Work, Biological Phys. Concept of Work