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Web Documents in Science

These are documents on the Akronos website that discuss scientific subjects and do not belong to any of the monograph series.

1.  Aetherometry

Appreciation of the Correa's Science and Technology

Overview of Vol. 1 of Experimental Aetherometry

Overview of Vol. 2 of Experimental Aetherometry

Introduction to Vol. 2A of Experimental Aetherometry (print edition)

Introduction to Vol. 2B of Experimental Aetherometry (print edition)

Why Speak of an Aether?

On 'Wishful Thinking' at the Merger of Biophysics and Philosophy

The Making of the Difference: A Review of Experimental Aetherometry

The Edmund Storms Correspondence

Exchange with Jack Sarfatti over Grade-School Algebra

2.  Plasma Physics

Excess Energy conversion system utilizing autogenous Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge

A Note on the Law of Electrodynamics

Opinion on Correa Invention: Energy Conversion System

Some Reflections on Gas Discharges and PAGD Pulses

The Correas PAGD technology - an Introduction

Contrast and comparison between the Papp engine and the PAGD/XS NRG Technologies

A Problem in Plasma Science

3.  Orgonomy

Problems with Reich's Theory of ORACs

The Specter of Wilhelm Reich

A Complete Response to J. DeMeo's Attack on Aetherometry

Archive of Correspondence with J. DeMeo

Response to J. DeMeo's Open Letter of 20 Dec, 2001

Pulse of the Planet Taken to Task

Response to Jeffery Kooistra's article 'How Not to Do Aether Theory'

50 Years after Albert Einstein: The Failure of the Unified Field

4.  Energy Technologies

First Aether/Orgone Motor Patent Application

Dr. E. Mallove's Letter of June 2001

Dr. E. Mallove's Letter of February 2002

"PAGD, Aether Motors, and Free Energy" by Prof. A. Axelrad

"Aether Science and Technology" by Dr. E. Mallove (from IE #39)

"Demonstrating Aether Energy" by Dr. E. Mallove (from IE #41)

A Short Appreciation of Nikola Tesla

5.  Biology

Transiently Induced Hyperthermia in Humans Exposed to a Controlled Orac Environment

6.  Climatology

'Global Warming': An Official PseudoScience

7.  Gravitation

Aetherometry and Gravity: An Introduction

Pari Spolter's Dysfunctional Physics

A running commentary on Einstein's 'Aether and the Theory of Relativity'

8.  Cosmology

What Is Dark Energy? (What Is, and Is Not, Dark Massfree Energy)

Experimental Aetherometry Vol 2B: Postscript on Grote Reber

A Note on Dayton Miller's Supposed Discovery of an Aether Drift

9.  'Cold Fusion' (low-temperature nuclear fusion)

The Correa Solution to the 'Cold Fusion' Enigma

Open Letter to Mr. J. Wilson about the falsities and the invented horrors in his article 'Dangerous Science'

The Serpent's Tooth and Its Egg (Or: How The Stupid Are So Often Malicious)