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Akronos Polemics and Publications in Politics of Science

Perpetual Combat Against:

Aether-Drift Proponents Note on Dayton MillerAS3-I.1.   See also  Physics->Aether Drift
(An)Orgonomy [see separate page] 
Disparagers of Nature Edmund Storms CorrespondenceSerpent's Tooth (Against Rothwell) 
Dysfunctional Physics Pari Spolter ControversyWhat Is Dark Energy? 
Fake Physicists Exchange with Jack Sarfatti 
Global Warming Global Warming: Official Pseudoscience 
Particle Physicists What Is Dark Energy?AS3-II.9 
Relativity [see separate page] 
Science Fictioneers Response to KooistraLetter to Pop.MechanicsCorrea Intro & Closing Commentary to Smyth's Gone DarkAgainst Futurism & UFOlogy 
Wikipedia Techno-Cult of IgnoranceRise of Latrines