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Akronos Publications - On Scientists/Philosophers

Aspden, Harold ISNE3Note on Law of ElectrodynamicsLS1-25AS3-II.4AS3-II.7AS3-II.9 
Axelrad, Arthur Work by Axelrad & CorreaOncogene Theories of CancerAnemia&Polycythemia&Leukemia
Cairns, John Unitarian Theory of Oncogenesis 
Carezani, Ricardo AS3-III.8 
Dacie, John Anemia&Polycythemia&Leukemia
Dameshek, William Anemia&Polycythemia&Leukemia
Einstein, Albert [see separate Relativity page] 
Friend, Charlotte Oncogene Theories of Cancer 
Gross, Ludwig Oncogene Theories of Cancer 
Krebs, Hans Unitarian Theory of Oncogenesis 
Lehninger, Albert Unitarian Theory of Oncogenesis 
Leibnitz, Gottfried Aetherometry&GravityAS2-11Spolter Controversy 
Lwoff, André Oncogene Theories of Cancer 
Mallove, Eugene Homage to Peerless FriendMay 14 2005Anti Jed RothwellGlobal Warming: Official Pseudoscience 
Newton, Isaac Spolter ControversyAS3-II.4Aetherometry&Gravity 
Paietta, Elizabeth Anemia&Polycythemia&Leukemia
Pauling, Linus Unitarian Theory of Oncogenesis 
Reich, Wilhelm [see separate page] 
Spivak, Jerry Anemia&Polycythemia&Leukemia
Szent-Györgyi, Albert Nano. Functions of BioenergyAS2-28Unitarian Theory of Oncogenesis  ABRI interview 2001Serpent's Tooth 
Tesla, Nikola [see separate page] 

Deleuze, Gilles [see separate page] 
Guattari, Felix AS1-05AS1-06AS1-08On Wishful ThinkingPP5 Taken to Task2001 ABRI Interview2002 ABRI Conversations 
Leibniz, Gottfried [see entry under Scientists] 
Nietzsche, Friedrich [see separate page] 
Spinoza, Baruch AS2-11