Akronos Publications - Revisions and Errata


NOTE.   Ordered alphabetically by monograph identifier or book title. Download the revised version of any listed page by clicking on the corresponding link.

Akronos Publishing would like to express its appreciation to all past and present ISFA members whose careful reading of the Aetherometry monographs contributed to these revisions.

AS2-12    (Feb 20, 2005)
Page 10:
About two-thirds down the page, in the text "Indeed, for the electron at rest in an inertial system of coordinates, it is basic physics to write Planck's constant as the product of inertial linear momentum by the electromagnetic frequency", the word "frequency" was changed to "wavelength".

AS2-13    (Feb 20, 2005)
Page 9:
At about a 3rd down the page: "And, as expected, the rate accelerates more as the distance from the TC increases." was chaged to "And, as expected, the rate accelerates more as the distance from the TC decreases."
Page 19:
In the 1st paragraph, last sentence modified for greater clarity.
Page 21:
In the text "precisely by allowing the negative wave hemicycle to make its charge contribution to C2", "C2" was corrected to "C1".
Page 50:
In the second equation from the bottom, the component "FC" was missing its square exponent.
Page 53:
In the last equation, a missing square root was inserted into the second term.

AS2-14    (Feb 13 and 20, 2005)
Pages 5 and 6:
- On p. 5, an unwittingly omitted part of the last paragraph was inserted.
- On p. 6, a correction was made to the exponent in the 4th equation from the top.
Page 7:
The first sentence was corrected.

AS2-15    (Feb 20, 2005)
Page 3:
The Eta-Correa-constant equation on the top of the page has been corrected so that the number "10" does not lie inside the square root.
Page 6:
The denominator of the first expression on the page (whose numerator reads "magnetic dipole moment") has been corrected to read just "volume".
Page 13:
The third equation from the bottom of the page has been corrected in the same way as the Eta-Correa-constant equation on p.3.
Page 14:
The last equation on the page has been corrected analogously to the correction on p. 6.
Page 16:
All 4 expressions on this page were corrected to include the division sign (/) that was missing before "c".
Page 23:
In the 2nd paragraph, "H is a measure of the density of wavelines along the direction of linear displacement in a material medium," was corrected to "H is a measure of the density of wavelines along the direction of linear displacement in a vacuum,"
Page 24:
On the 1st line, "H/2*pi" was changed to "2*pi*H".
Page 25:
- In the 1st paragraph, "angular 'velocity' or frequency" was changed to "angular 'velocity' or angular frequency"
- The 2nd equation was corrected.

AS2-16    (Feb 13 and 20, 2005)
Page 4:
- On the 7th line of Results, "where H is understood as the magnetic field" has been changed to "where 2*pi*H is understood as the magnetic field".
- On the 2nd line from the bottom, "H/2*pi" has been changed to "2*pi*H".
Page 5:
A number of corrections to the last equation on the page.
Page 6:
In the 2nd equation, "4*pi2" has been eliminated from the denominator of the 2nd expression.
Page 10:
One correction in the 2nd equation, and one in the 3rd equation.
Page 11:
In the middle of the page: "Hallwacks effect of LFOT photons" changed to "Hallwacks effect of HFOT photons".
Page 12:
The exponent "2" was removed from the end of the 2nd equation.
Page 22:
The equation for iMB in the middle of the page is now correctly written
Page 33: (Note: Includes a correction made to the same page on February 13)
Three corrections to Table 2.
Page 34:
In Table 3, 4th entry from bottom, the minus sign was removed from an exponent.
Page 35:
In Table 4, 7th entry, a functional-identity sign was changed to an equality.
Page 36:
In Table 5, 3rd entry from bottom, a left square bracket ( [ ) was added.

AS2-17A    (Feb 13, 2005)
Page 30:
A part of the 2nd paragraph was removed.

AS3-II.6    (Sept 23, 2021)
Page 14:
Corrected version of the text surrounding, and including, Eq. 515.

AS3-II.9    (Sept 23, 2021)
Page 68:
This page cites p. 14 of Monograph AS3-II.6, so the correction for that page applies here as well.
Section 3.2:
A revised, fully aetherometric presentation of starlight aberration and its consequences (replaces subsection 3 of section 3.2).

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